Demon Slayer: Who will defeat the Upper Moons in the Swordsmith Village?

Tulisha srivastava
An image of Tanjiro, Muichiro, and Mitsuri from Demon Slayer

In Demon Slayer, the Upper Moons belong to the strongest group of demons. Learning from Gyutaro’s defeat, Muzan has decided to send two Upper Moons to the Swordsmith Village, which makes things worse for the demon slayers.

The demons in Demon Slayer are strong, immortal beings. Among them, the Twelve Kizuki are the most powerful group, most of whom have survived for centuries. The Upper Moons have always hunted down and killed Hashiras. 

Not to mention that no one has been able to kill an Upper Moon in over a hundred years. Uzui and Tanjiro’s group breaks the cycle of tragedy when they defeat the Upper Six, Gyutaro. However, it takes one Hashira and several more demon slayers to take down the weakest of the Upper Moon. 

Now that Upper Four and Upper Five are sent to the Swordsmith Village, fans are all the more eager to see how that will go down. Delve deeper to find out who will defeat the Upper Moons in the “Swordsmith Village Arc.”

The fate of Upper Moon Five Gyokko in Swordsmith Village

An image of Upper Moon Five Gyokko that attacked the Swordsmith Village

The Upper Moon Five has a record of killing 15 Hashira in the past, solidifying his position in the Twelve Kizuki. Gyokko primarily faces off against Muichiro Tokito, the Mist Hashira. As a direct descendant of the Sun Breathing Technique, Muichiro is tremendously strong even at the age of fourteen. 

However, he still finds himself at a disadvantage when the Upper Five demon traps Muichiro in his vase using Blood Demon Art. However, Tokito manifests his demon slayer, Mark, who breaks out of the spell and fights the bizarre demon. The fight lasts briefly and ends with Muichiro decapacitating Gyokko. 

Moreover, he does that effortlessly using the Seventh Form of Mist Breathing, “Obscuring Clouds.” Gyokko’s death is so quick that he doesn’t even have time to regain his human memories or regret his actions as other demons do. 

The fate of Upper Moon Four Hantengu in Swordsmith Village

An image of Upper Moon Four Hantengu that attacked the Swordsmith Village

The Upper Moon Four Hantengu’s real body is the size of a fist, yet he is one of the most powerful demons. Despite having a body barely as thick as two fingers, Genya cannot decapitate Hantengu. The demon’s true strength lies in his clones, that he manifests from his emotions. 

He has seven personalities and seven varying powers. Genya, Nezuko, Tanjiro, and Mitsuri fight against Hangentu’s clones. Because they originate from an Upper Moon, these clones are by no means easy to defeat. Things get even worse when the clones start consuming each other to form one powerful entity. 

In the end, Tanjiro lands a finishing blow to Hantengu’s real body. When Hantengu pushes Nezuko into the sunlight, Tanjiro uses Sun Breathing Technique in a moment of desperation and swiftly defeats the Upper Moon. 

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