Demon Slayer: The main problem with the production of Season 4

Tulisha srivastava
A still from Demon Slayer Season 4 trailer

As the latest addition to the Demon Slayer franchise has ended, Ufotable has started working on Season 4. However, there’s a major problem with its production.

Although the latest season of Demon Slayer has ended, the story is far from over. The animation studio Ufotable has confirmed Season 4 and a teaser featuring all the Hashira. The upcoming season will cover the “Hashira Training Arc.”

Season 4 is currently in production and was announced before the finale of Season 3. Demon Slayer is currently the most popular franchise of the studio. Therefore, it won’t be long before fans get to watch the story’s continuation.

Although there is no official release date, it will mostly air in 2024. The Hashira Training Arc is the last part of the story before the Final Arc begins, which shows how important it is. 

The Hashira Training Arc doesn’t have enough chapters for Demon Slayer Season 4

A still from the Demon Slayer Season 4 teaser Hashira Training Arc

The official title and the teaser clearly show that the fourth season will only cover the Hashira Training Arc. Although there have been speculations that fans may get to see the “Infinity Castle Arc” in the upcoming season, it seems they have to wait a long time to watch that. 

However, the problem is that the Hashira Training Arc is only nine chapters long. According to the usual pacing of the series, three episodes are more than enough to cover the entire arc. The entire reason there was a Demon Slayer canon movie, “Mugen Train,” was because the arc was too short for a full season. 

However, even Mugen Train had 16 chapters in the manga. Apart from the teaser, there is no information about the upcoming season, which is why fans are still in the dark about this.

The upcoming season will likely feature some scenes from the light novels to compensate for the lack of content. The series currently has 14 light novels. Since the anime will cover the Hashira Training Arc, the light novel scenes will be picked up from the sixth novel, “Demon Slayer Novelization: Breaking into the Infinity Castle! Shinobu’s Thoughts Arc.”

The original story is given by Shuka Matsuda, while the illustrations are done by the series’ mangaka Koyoharu Gotoge. Usually, whenever a manga is adapted from a light novel, they miss out on various scenes because of chapter restrictions or deadline issues. Therefore, watching scenes outside of the manga will surely be intriguing.

Watch the teaser of Demon Slayer Season 4 below:

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