Demon Slayer Season 4 teases the “best arc”, and fans are freaking out

Anthony McGlynn
Infinity Castle in Demon Slayer Season 4

Demon Slayer Season 4 has arrived, with the premiere jumping straight into the Hashira Training Arc. A small scene teased something else on the way, however, and fans are very excited about the prospect.

Demon Slayer is heading toward the Final Battle Arc right now, with just the short Hashira Training Arc to get through first. As you might guess, this means Tanjiro and the Demon Slayer Corps are put through their paces by the Hashira in the hopes of obtaining the high rank as warriors.

It’s all a preamble to the big stand-off against the evil Muzan. That battle is split into two parts: the Infinity Castle Arc and the Sunrise Countdown Arc, and we got a glimpse of the former in the first episode of Demon Slayer Season 4 which has left the fandom giddy.

“The tease to the greatest New Gen arc, ahhhh Infinity Castle,” tweeted one fan. ‘New Gen’ refers to this era of manga, as the current high volume of series, such as Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen, has created a resurgence in Shonen anime.

“Infinity Castle looks so cool,” adds another fan, posting a clip of the scene. Sanemi and Obanai, the Wind and Serpent Hashira, briefly drop into the realm, seeing all the horrors first-hand.

It’s the first proper look we’ve gotten at Muzan’s abode, and the visuals are incredible. Ufotable really capture the impossible architecture and unsettling nature of the dimesnion, as set out in Koyoharu Gotouge’s manga.

Needless to say, we should be glad Tanjiro is currently training, because it looks like he’ll need to be as strong as possible. Check out our guides on things you should know before watching Demon Slayer Season 4, who is the strongest Demon Slayer, and how to watch Demon Slayer Season 4 for more on Tanjiro’s quest.