One Piece reveals the terrifying power of Captain Koby

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An image featuring Captain Koby from One Piece

The recent chapter has been nothing short of a rollercoaster of emotions. Fans witness the true power of Captain Koby for the first time in One Piece. And it’s way more devastating than anticipated.

One Piece adds another mystery to its list as it leaves the fate of the veteran Marine Hero, Monkey D. Garp, unknown. Garp invades the Pirate Island Hachinosu to save his pupil Koby from the clutches of the Yonko Blackbeard. 

However, rescuing the young Marine didn’t prove to be easy when the enemies were the notorious prisoners of Level 6 as well as a former Admiral. Without any support from the Marines, Garp and the SWORD members make a reckless move to rescue their comrade and pay the price for it.

Amid the desperate struggle to escape the island unscathed with everyone, Koby reveals his true power for the first time in One Piece. Here’s how One Piece chapter 1088 reveals the true extent of Captain Koby’s powers.

Koby uses Honesty Impact in One Piece chapter 1088 against Pizzaro

A panel from One Piece featuring Koby's Honesty Impact

Fans have known for a while that the Marine Hero title was passed down to Koby after the Rocky Port Incident. However, whether or not the young Marine has the ability to live up to that title is an entirely different story. 

Even though he was personally groomed by the legendary hero Garp, Koby had never shown off his skills before One Piece chapter 1088. Not to mention that Garp risks everything to protect the “future” of Marine. He even goes as far as taking a fatal injury in the boy’s stead.

However, Koby sure doesn’t disappoint fans by revealing his powers in his fight with one of the Ten Titanic Captains, Avalo Pizzaro. The ruthless pirate is a former Impel Down Level 6 prisoner who committed several atrocities despite being a king. 

He has the power of the Isle-Isle Fruit. It grants him the horrifying ability to assimilate his body into the island itself. Once assimilated, he completely controls the natural environment and artificial structures. 

The chapter also features a short flashback revealing Koby’s persistence to train harder than anyone since he lacks battle aptitude. However, that doesn’t stop the aspiring Admiral. After Garp’s hellish training, Koby would always work out more. He will spend the night hitting one of the battleship bags until his hands bleed.

His training pays off when Koby uses “Honesty Impact” after Pizzaro corners him. The pirate had taken over a stone structure and had an arm as big as a mountain. Nonetheless, Koby destroys it in a single attack using just Haki. Prince Grus also jumps in to help out with the escape. Seeing all this play out, Garp feels assured about leaving the future to these young Marines.

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