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Young Sheldon and his parentsCBS

With Young Sheldon Season 7 on the way, here’s everyone you need to know in the cast, including the actors and the characters they play.

If there was one sitcom that stuck around a lot longer than people expected, it’s CBS’ Young Sheldon. The 2017 comedy and The Big Bang Theory prequel sitcom series watched its titular character grow up amongst a lively Texan family.

The show will be concluding with its seventh season soon, so fans are getting hyped about when and where they can watch it. But they may also be reminiscing about what has come before.

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This includes the large cast of characters in Young Sheldon – being a sitcom, there’s been a lot. So here’s a guide of all the major characters you need to know.


Cast & characters in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon follows this synopsis: “Sheldon Cooper, a bona fide genius, has been promoted four grades. Meanwhile, he struggles to fit in with his unintellectual family in Texas.”

Below is a list of all the main players in the Young Sheldon cast, and a couple of supporting roles too.

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Sheldon Cooper & Adult Sheldon: Iain Armitage & Jim Parsons

Young and old sheldon cooperCBS

Young Sheldon is considered a child prodigy, showing a lot of the traits he had in the original Big Bang sitcom. All the while, the show is given some narration by the adult Sheldon that we all know and love.

Iain Armitage has appeared in Big Little Shots, Big Little Lies, Scoob! and PAW Patrol: The Movie. Meanwhile, Jim Parsons can be seen in Hidden Figures, Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, and The Boys In The Band.

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Mary Cooper: Zoe Perry

Mary Cooper in Young sheldonCBS

Mary Cooper is Sheldon’s mom, and a devout Southern Baptist. She is definitely a Mama Bear, and has a soft spot for Sheldon due to everything that makes him different.

Zoe Perry also shows up in Roseanne, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and NCIS.

George Cooper Sr.: Lance Barber

George cooper in young sheldonCBS

George is Sheldon’s dad, though there is quite a bit of mis-continuity between this spin-off and The Big Bang Theory. George isn’t how we are initially told he is, as he is a hard-working family man rather than a no-good drinker. However, this upcoming season seems to be setting up his downfall.

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Lance Barber appears in The Comeback, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Black-ish, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Gilmore Girls. He also played bully Jimmy Speckerman in The Big Bang Theory.

Missy Cooper: Raegan Revord

Missy in Young SheldonCBS

Missy Cooper, is Sheldon’s twin sister. While she’s not academically inclined like Sheldon is, she is very emotionally intelligent, and thankfully still has a great relationship with her brother.

Raegan Revord has had minor appearances in Modern Family, Wish Upon, and Alexa & Katie.

George “Georgie” Cooper Jr.: Montana Jordan

george cooper in young sheldonCBS

Georgie is Sheldon’s older brother, and while not as scientifically gifted as Sheldon, Georgie has great entrepreneurial skills, and has recently become a father.

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Montana Jordan appears in The Legacy of Whitetail Deer Hunter and The Big Bang Theory.

Connie Tucker/Meemaw: Annie Potts

Memaw in Young sheldonCBS

Connie, AKA Meemaw, is Mary’s mother and Sheldon’s grandmother. Annie is fun and sarcastic, and tends to butt heads with George.

Annie Potts can be seen in the Ghostbusters franchise, along with Pretty in Pink, and the Toy Story franchise.

Mandy McAllister: Emily Osment

Mandy in young sheldonCBS

Mandy McAllister is a recent main addition to the cast, as she dates Georgie, despite him being significantly younger, and is now the mother to his child.

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Emily Osment is best known for her roles in Hannah Montana, Spy Kids, and Young & Hungry.

Professor John Sturgis: Wallace Shawn

John Sturgiss in young sheldonCBS

Professor John Sturgis is Sheldon’s first mentor and teacher, who introduced him to theoretical physics, while also dating his grandmother.

Wallace Shawn is best known for his appearances in Clueless, The Princess Bride, Toy Story, The Cosby Show, and Gossip Girl.

Dr. Gant Linkletter: Ed Begley Jr.

young sheldonCBS

Dr. Grant Linkletter is Sheldon’s newest mentor in college, and also the rival of Dr. Linkletter at East Texas Tech.

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Ed Begley Jr. can be seen in St. Elsewhere, Blue Collar, An Officer and a Gentleman, Batman Forever, and Pineapple Express.

Pastor Jeff: Matt Hobby

pastor jeffCBS

Pastor Jeff works alongside Mary at the local church. He also challenges a lot of Sheldon’s scientific thoughts through logic exercises.

Matt Hobby also stars in Boardwalk Empire, The Grinder, and Hart of Dixie.

Billy Sparks: Wyatt McClure

Billy sparks in young sheldonCBS

Billy is Sheldon’s neighbor who has an unrequited crush on Missy.

Wyatt McClure appears in I See You and Psychos.

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Brenda Sparks: Melissa Peterman

Brenda in young sheldonCBS

Brenda Sparks is Billy’s mother, and potentially one of George’s mistresses after splitting from her husband.

Melissa Peterman can be seen in Reba, Bet On Your Baby, and The Singing Bee.

Herschel Sparks: Billy Gardell

Herschel and George in young sheldonCBS

Herschel, Billy’s father, is an acquaintance of George’s as they both get nagged by their wives. However, Herschel later splits from his partner.

Billy Gardell is best known for his roles in Mike and Molly and Bob Hearts Abishola.

Tam Nguyen: Ryan Phuong  

Tam in young sheldonCBS

Tam is Sheldon’s first best friend at school. While it’s revealed that they had a falling out after Tam didn’t go to Pasadena with Sheldon, they later patched things up when Tam visited Sheldon in CalTech.

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Ryan Phuong has appeared in Shameless and The Tundermans.

Other notable characters in Young Sheldon

This list would be as long as the time-span of the whole universe if we kept going, so for now here’s a list of the other notable characters and who plays them:

  • Dale Ballard: Craig T. Nelson – Meemaw’s boyfriend after Dr Sturgis.
  • June: Reba McEntire – June is Dale’s ex-wife.
  • Paige Swanson: McKenna Grace – Another child prodigy that Sheldon eventually develops a crush on.
  • Linda Swanson: Andrea Anders – Linda is Paige’s mom.
  • Assistant Coach Wilkins: Doc Farrow – Sheldon’s P.E. teacher and one of George’s closest friends.
  • Victoria MacElroy: Valerie Mahaffey – Sheldon’s homeroom and English teacher.
  • Hubert Givens: Brian Stepanek – Sheldon’s science teacher at Medford High.
  • Mr. Gene Lundy: Jason Alexander – Medford High School’s drama teacher.
  • Evelyn Ingram: Daniel Pinnock – Sheldon’s math teacher at Medford High.
  • Tom Petersen: Rex Linn – Tom Peterson is Medford High’s Principal.
  • Peg: Nancy Linehan Charles – Peg is Pastor Jeff’s secretary that Mary works with
  • Marcus: London Cheshire – Marcus is Missy’s first boyfriend.
  • Glenn: Chris Wylde – Glen is the owner of the King Kong Comics book store.
  • Sheryl Hutchins: Sarah Baker  – Sheryl is Medford High’s librarian.
  • Veronica: Isabel May – Georgie’s first crush, and perhaps more…
  • Officer Robin: Mary Grill – Officer Robin is Pastor Jeff’s second wife.
  • Jana: Ava Allen – Jana is Georgie’s relationship after Veronica.
  • Pastor Rob: Dan Byrd – Youth Pastor Rob teaches the kids during Sunday school.
  • Audrey McAllister: Rachel Bay Jones  – Mandy’s mom and grandmother to her and Georgie’s child.
  • Jim McAllister: Will Sasso – Mandy’s dad and grandfather to her and Georgie’s baby.

Young Sheldon Seasons 1-6 are on Netflix now, and you can find out more about the upcoming Season 7 here.

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