Best TV shows in May: What to watch on Netflix, Disney Plus & more

Jakob Barnes
Stills from Bridgerton, Doctor Who, and Outer Range

Tired of wasting time trying to find new TV shows to watch? We’ve got you covered with our rundown of all the new and returning small-screen stories to watch on streaming services in May 2024.

Across streaming services like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Hulu, there are so many different TV shows you could dive into — perhaps too many, actually.

But, whether it’s new TV shows you’re after or the latest season of your all-time favorite, we’ve made your life a lot easier by compiling all the best content coming to the various streamers this month.

From crime shows and sports documentaries on Netflix to classic superhero cartoons on Disney Plus, and cowboy content from Paramount Plus, here are all the options for what to watch in May 2024, with an array of new and returning TV shows on various streaming services.

TV shows to watch on Netflix this month

Here are all the new TV shows and returning seasons dropping on Netflix in May 2024:

Penelope in Bridgerton Season 3
  • Heeramandi: The Diamond Bazaar (May 1)
  • The Unbroken Voice (May 1)
  • A Man in Full (May 2)
  • John Mulaney Presents: Everybody’s in LA (May 3)
  • Postcards (May 3)
  • Bodkin (May 9)
  • Thank You, Next (May 9)
  • Blood of Zeus Season 2 (May 10)
  • Bridgerton Season 3 Volume 1 (May 16)
  • Maestro in Blue Season 2 (May 16)
  • Tires (May 23)
  • Eric (May 30)
  • Geek Girl (May 30)
  • Raising Voice (May 31)

Netflix’s biggest splurge this month is undoubtedly Bridgerton, with the first four episodes of Season 3 dropping on May 16. However, fans will have to wait until June 13 for the rest.

In addition to these titles, TV classics such as Seasons 1-6 of Reba will be added to the streaming platform on May 6.

What to watch on Disney Plus this month

Here are all the new TV shows to watch on Disney Plus in May 2024:

Ncuti Gawta in Doctor Who
  • Star Wars: Tales of the Empire (May 4)
  • Monsters at Work Season 2 (May 5)
  • Doctor Who (May 10)
  • Chip ‘n’ Dale: Park Life Season 2 (May 22)

The first three episodes of Doctor Who‘s new season — ‘The Church on Ruby Road,’ ‘Space Babies,’ and ‘Devil’s Chord’ will all premiere on May 10. ‘Boom’ follows up on May 17, ’73 Yards’ on May 24, and Dot and Bubble’ on May 31.

What to watch on Prime Video this month

Here are all the new TV shows to watch on Prime Video in May 2024:

The cast of Outer Range Season 2
  • Clarkson’s Farm Season 3 (May 3)
  • Outer Range Season 2 (May 16)
  • The Outlaws Season 3 (May 31)

Continuing on the sci-fi hype from last month’s Fallout, Outer Range Season 2 is set to pick up with the Abbotts two years on, who are coping with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law. The neighboring Tillersons make a play for their ranch land and tensions come to a head when a mysterious black void arrives in the Abbotts’ pasture.

TV shows streaming on Paramount Plus this month

Here are all the new TV shows and returning seasons dropping on Paramount Plus in May 2024:

A still from the trailer of The Chi Season 6
  • Paw Patrol Season 9 (May 1)
  • The Chi Season 6 Part 2 (May 10)
  • Evil Season 4 (May 22)

TV shows streaming on Hulu this month

Here are all the new TV shows and seasons dropping on Hulu in May 2024:

A still from Welcome to Wrexham Season 3
  • Shardlake (May 1)
  • Welcome to Wrexham Season 3 (May 3)
  • The Killing Kind (May 14)

Originally billed to debut on Hulu on April 19, Welcome to Wrexham was pushed back a few weeks to make May 3 its official premiere. for UK viewers, the footy action can be caught up with on Disney Plus.

What to watch on Max this month

Here are all the new TV shows to watch on Max in May 2024:

The cast of Pretty Little Liars Summer School
  • Hacks Season 3 (May 2)
  • Six Is Not A Crowd (Felices Los 6), Season 1 (May 2)
  • Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (May 9)

Having gone through a touch of rebranding, Summer School follows on from the events of 2022’s Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, another spinoff to the original Pretty Little Liars series.

What to watch on Apple TV Plus this month

Here are all the new TV shows to watch on Apple TV Plus in May 2024:

  • Acapulco Season 3 (May 1)
  • Dark Matter (May 8)
  • The Big Cigar (May 17)
  • Trying Season 4 (May 22)

Not ones to miss out on the sci-fi buzz, Apple TV is aiming to make its mark with Dark Matter, following Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Connelly as an expert in astrophysics sheds light on the topic of dark matter which has been one of the primary mysteries in modern physics.

That’s all on the best TV shows to watch on streaming in May 2024. While you’re here, check out our guide to the best new movies to stream this month, or dive into all the new documentaries and true crime available. You can also look further ahead and get excited about great shows next month like The Bear Season 3 and The Boys Season 4.

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