Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 14 recap: The final goodbye is a Big Bang

Jasmine Valentine
Amy and adult Sheldon in Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 14

In Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 14, the prequel officially meets The Big Bang Theory — and it’s time to say goodbye.

It’s the moment fans have known was coming since the prequel first aired in 2017 — Young Sheldon has officially ended for good with an emotional yet heartwarming finale.

The Young Sheldon Season 7 finale was split into two back-to-back episodes, with the first half showing George’s funeral after his sudden death in Episode 12.

Not keen to end things on a sad note, Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 14 focuses on the future, with two familiar faces returning one last time.

Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 14: The Coopers struggle with grief

Mary visits George's grave in Young Sheldon

Tensions are running high in Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 14, picking up exactly 27 days after George’s memorial. While Sheldon has his sights fixed on Caltech, the Cooper family unit is still struggling through its grief. Mary doubles down on her faith, attending church three times a week while making Sheldon and Missy go with her.

On the opposite end of the scale, Missy is lashing out at everyone around her. Not dealing with her feelings, Mary struggles to see how much Missy is hurting — and most importantly, how much she needs her mom. Both Mary and Missy want everyone else to take George’s death “seriously,” but in completely different ways. Mandy tries to help Missy take her mind off of things, but Missy remains defensive.

Georgie makes a call to Meemaw, telling her how worried he is about Mary after finding her crying in the prayer garden. Meemaw finds Mary the day after at George’s grave, bringing him a Lone Star beer as a tribute. Meemaw tells Mary how much the kids need her, claiming that Mary is pushing them away by being so consumed with the church. Mary says that she needs to do whatever she can to save their souls in this life and the next.

Mary wants Sheldon and Missy to get baptized

Missy and Mary at George's funeral

Over an incredibly tense KFC dinner, Mary tells Sheldon and Missy that she’d like them to be baptized. Both kids instantly reject the idea, not understanding why they’d have to go through with something that they don’t believe in. Mary tries to wear Sheldon down as he packs up his stuff for Caltech, with both claiming that they are each doing things in order to make themselves feel better.

After their talk at the cemetery, Meemaw sits both Missy and Sheldon down and urges them to go through with the baptism, even if they don’t believe in it. Breaking down in tears, she tells them that she feels as if her daughter is losing her way, and that this is the only thing that could pull her through. Shocked by seeing their Meemaw cry, they both agree.

The day of the baptism arrives, and Pastor Jeff tells the kids how sorry he is for their loss. In retaliation, Missy shouts that George is gone, storming out of the church and refusing to go through with her baptism. Mary asks Sheldon if he wants to do the same, to which he replies, “I might not believe in this, but I believe in you.” The two hug, and Sheldon appears in the congregation for his baptism in a full wetsuit, snorkel, and life jacket.

Adult Sheldon and Amy return

Amy talks to Sheldon in Young Sheldon

In between these scenes in Young Sheldon Season 7 Episode 14, adult Sheldon (played by Jim Parsons) stops scenes, revealing that he is recounting these for his memoir. Amy tells Sheldon to stop writing and go with her to their son Leonard’s hockey game. Sheldon shares his distaste for his son’s hobby, refusing to go.

The more Sheldon writes about his last days before leaving for Caltech, the more he realizes the similarities between him and his own father. He claims that it wasn’t until he reached George’s age and had children that he could see how hard George had tried with him, admitting that he’d been too hard on his dad with his earlier memories.

While Sheldon is convinced that his material could win a Pulitzer, Amy brings him back down to earth by making him realize how much he needs to engage with his own son’s interests. Calling his parents’ attention to him as the “ultimate gift,” Sheldon ultimately obliges in joining Amy for the hockey game, even going as far as to put on a team jersey. Amy hints that their daughter wants to take acting classes, with Sheldon commenting that they never should have let Penny babysit.

In its final scenes, both versions of Sheldon can be seen touring the now-empty Cooper house, while adult Sheldon reveals that Mary later sold the house, including George’s chair. Missy asks Sheldon if he’ll remember her just as much as he’ll remember the house, to which he responds that he will because of his incredible memory.

Sheldon arrives at Caltech, telling a passing teacher that he’s exactly where he is meant to be. He walks off into a Caltech-based horizon, officially handing over the reins to The Big Bang Theory.

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