Does Missy die in Young Sheldon?

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With Young Sheldon Season 6 landing on Netflix and Season 7 on the way, a macabre question has arisen: does Missy die in the show? Here’s what you need to know.

Out of the entire Cooper family, Sheldon is the odd one out with his genius mind and knack for science. His siblings are seemingly “normal” in comparison. Young Sheldon introduced Missy as Sheldon’s fraternal twin sister who has no problem with confrontation, is sassy, and has an overall charming personality.

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Throughout Young Sheldon, Missy has her tough times with Sheldon, but overall cares for her twin. By Season 6 of the series, Missy is a teen and going through all the complex emotions that come with it. This includes a rebellious streak that at times can cause a few problems.

During Young Sheldon’s Season 6 finale, an oncoming tornado poses a threat to Missy and her father. So, here’s what happens to Missy.

Does Missy die during the tornado in Young Sheldon Season 6?

No, Missy is alive and well by the end of the sixth season after having a heart-to-heart with her father.

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As a young teen, Missy becomes even more rebellious when Pastor Jeff’s niece Tonya comes into town. The two manage to sneak away at night but are caught by Sheldon, who is trying to acclimate to Germany’s time zone.

Despite urging her brother not to tattle, Sheldon’s inherent need to protect his sister from wrongdoing leads him to do just that. Missy is effectively angered by Sheldon’s actions, even after having a talking-to from their father.

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Despite apologizing, Missy is still mad at her brother. But she still goes with her family to the airport to see Sheldon and Mary off to Germany, hugging him goodbye. On the way back, a tornado warning is issued that changes Missy’s outlook on her life, forcing the teen and her father to abandon their car and lay in a ditch to protect themselves from the storm.

In the midst of the chaos and downpour, Young Sheldon Season 6 ends with Missy pouring her heart out to her father. She admits she has become rebellious but doesn’t understand why. So, Missy doesn’t die in Young Sheldon, and instead uses the near-death experience to possibly turn a new leaf in Season 7.

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After all, Missy does make her cameo appearances in The Big Bang Theory.

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