How old is Mandy in Young Sheldon?

Jasmine Valentine
Mandy in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon Season 6 has landed on Netflix, with the latest chapter sparking much discussion, including the question: how old is Mandy?

Since Season 5, Mandy has been an essential part of the Cooper family story, having met Georgie and engaged in a surprising relationship with him.

The pair have gone on to have a child of their own – which will be the basis of a brand-new spin-off scheduled for after Young Sheldon has officially wrapped up.

With age a huge question mark around their relationship, how old actually is Mandy in Young Sheldon? Here’s everything you need to know.

How old is Mandy in Young Sheldon?

By the end of Young Sheldon Season 6, Mandy is 30 years old, having originally met Georgie when she was 29.

Montana Jordan and Emily Osment in Young Sheldon.

At the time, there was a huge cause for concern for Mandy’s storyline in Young Sheldon, with Georgie meeting her when he was 17 – though he lied about his age at the time.

“This doesn’t get enough attention. If the roles were reversed, it would be a much bigger deal. But since it’s an older woman and a 17-year-old boy, most people don’t care,” one Reddit user posted on a thread. “Fun fact, 17 is the age of consent in Texas,” added another.

“Yeah, feelings are complicated. I don’t blame a 29-year-old woman for not wanting to marry a 17-year-old who lied to her about his age and knocked her up. Was this post written by Mary Cooper,” stated one fan.

As for Mandy and Georgie’s dynamic, fan opinion is divided – with their age gap only being one of the concerns.

“The show got so much better when they weren’t overly focused on Sheldon and rather more dramatic and deep storylines. I prefer the storylines with the other characters. I like Sheldon of course, but his storylines aren’t as interesting or dramatic,” one user argued.

“Mandy is the worst character on this show. She treats Georgie horribly. I hope one day he snaps and puts her in his place with no apology,” another disagreed. “I really hope Georgie and Mandy are endgame!!!!” weighed in a third.

While we know that this last point isn’t exactly true thanks to Georgie being single in The Big Bang Theory, we’re not too sure of how their relationship panned out – or indeed fell apart.

This is a question that is hopefully going to be answered by the newly confirmed spin-off, though some fans are already disappointed in the show’s proposed multi-cam setup.

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