Where is Young Sheldon filmed? All filming locations

Jasmine Valentine
Iain Armitage as Sheldon in Young SheldonCBS

Young Sheldon covers the life of Sheldon Cooper before his Big Bang Theory days – but where is the show filmed? Here’s a full rundown of the main filming locations.

In 2007, CBS launched The Big Bang Theory onto screens with stratospheric results – so much so that its universe has expanded to spin-offs such as the prequel series Young Sheldon.

The show follows a young Sheldon Cooper, who is a bona fide genius and has been promoted four grades. Meanwhile, he struggles to fit in with his unintellectual family in Texas.

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Now that Seasons 1-6 are available to stream on Netflix and Season 7 is on the way, here’s everything you need to know about where Young Sheldon is filmed.

Where is Young Sheldon filmed? All filming locations

Below is a list of filming locations used for interior and exterior shots in Young Sheldon.

This includes plenty of core locations featured in all seven seasons of the show, with further tie-ins to main series The Big Bang Theory.

Warner Bros. Studios

The cast of Young SheldonCBS

Unsurprisingly, interior locations for Young Sheldon are filmed at the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.

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This is also where parent series The Big Bang Theory is shot. In line with Warner Bros. rules, once a show reaches 10 seasons it gets a sound stage named after its title, with The Big Bang Theory one of the latest to be included (having reached a total of 12 seasons).

Young Sheldon uses sound stages 12 & 23, with people able to try for tickets to live tapings or take a tour of where the magic happens.


Iain Armitage and Zoe Perry in Young Sheldon as Sheldon and Mary Cooper.CBS

Many of Young Sheldon’s iconic external shots can be found in and around California – although most of them are masquerading as Texas.

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Exteriors for Sheldon’s home are located in LA’s San Fernando Valley, which is only three miles away from the main Warner Bros. studios. Sheldon’s family church can be found in North Hollywood, with the Van Nuys High School doubling up as his academic home.

Meemaw’s house – both interiors and exteriors – is shot on the Warner Bros. lot, which Gilmore Girls fans might recognize from Season 1.

Young Sheldon Seasons 1-6 are on Netflix now, and you can find out more about the current – and final – Season 7 here.

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