Young Sheldon: Who does George have an affair with?

Jasmine Valentine
George and Brenda in Young Sheldon

George Cooper’s affair is widely assumed in Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory – but who does he actually cheat with?

As the patriarch of the Cooper family, George Cooper Snr. has a lot on his plate. With a mother-in-law who resents him and a wife and children who are all demanding in their own ways, there’s never a dull day in any season of Young Sheldon.

However, this doesn’t mean that George always makes the right choices, with rumors of his infidelity circling since Season 5, having previously been touched on in main series The Big Bang Theory.

With a lot of confusion surrounding the actual answer, here’s everything you need to know about who George actually has an affair with in Young Sheldon. Warning – spoilers ahead!

Young Sheldon: Who does George have an affair with?

It feels as though it’s common knowledge that George supposedly has an affair with Brenda in Young Sheldon Season 5, but Season 7 Episode 4 confirms that George never cheated in the first place.

George Cooper Snr. in Young Sheldon

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon recalls a moment in his childhood where he walked in on his father having an affair with another woman – but after many years of speculation, it’s confirmed that “Helga,” the other woman, was actually Mary dressed up in an Oktoberfest dirndl she brought back from Germany.

During Season 5, George and Brenda have some suspicious behavior between them, with Meemaw intent on outing George for what he is doing. It’s safe to say it’s been a story that’s kept Young Sheldon fans up at night, with the most popular choice for George’s other woman being neighbor Brenda.

One Redditor muses: “In one episode in TBBT, Sheldon tells Penny that he walked in on his dad George having an affair with another lady and that’s why he does the three knocks thing he does in the show. I’m curious who this ‘other lady’ is going to end up being. I feel like the show wants us to think that it was Brenda, but she and George end their ‘thing’ after Mary finds out about it and George and Brenda never end up doing anything beyond talking to each other, so I don’t think it’s Brenda.”

“My friend thinks he’s going to end up having an affair with Paige’s mom (Who also gets divorced earlier in the series similar to Brenda) in Season 7, and that’s who Sheldon walks in on and that would also explain why Sheldon never mentions or talks about Paige in TBBT,” they continue. “I personally don’t see why George would do anything like that since him and Mary seem to have ended Season 6 on good terms, maybe they’ll end up getting into another fight or something? We also might see him pass away in this new season which is going to be really sad to watch?”

“I think it’ll be Brenda (especially since Mary’s away with Sheldon. Maybe Sheldon comes home from Germany and sees him in bed with Brenda) or maybe he and Mary try some roleplay and Sheldon only thinks it was someone else,” a second fan weighs in.

A third disagreed, “I think they decided against that storyline in Young Sheldon, since timeline-wise that event of George cheating during Sheldon’s spring break already passed. You’re free to believe it happened off-screen, but as of now there’s no way to know who the woman was/is IF George cheated/cheats.”

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