Young Sheldon: What happened to Brenda’s other child?

Jasmine Valentine
Brenda in Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon introduced Brenda Sparks as having two kids, only for one of them to vanish without a trace – so, what happened to them? The fans have some theories, ranging from the mundane to the absolutely wild.

Young Sheldon is bringing its action to a close with its upcoming Season 7, but questions have been raised about one character who only made a fleeting appearance in the series.

After George Cooper Sr.’s affair was hinted at, neighbor Brenda Sparks has held more of the spotlight, though one of the children has been seen once before swiftly being forgotten.

But just what happened to Brenda’s other child in Young Sheldon? Some fans think they have cracked the case – here’s what we know.

What happened to Brenda’s other child in Young Sheldon?

During Brenda’s time on Young Sheldon, it was never explicitly revealed what happened to her other child – but fans on Reddit are armed with possible theories.

“What do you think happened with another child of Brenda?” user a_74_Co asked on Reddit. “Maybe there is an answer somewhere already but I can’t understand where that sweety-devilish little girl! Does she appear only in one episode? We see just Billy for the rest of the series. Maybe her dad took her? But sometimes Brenda says, ‘Children are not at home’… Seems odd.”

Brenda Sparks has two kids during her time in Young Sheldon – Billy and Bobbi Sparks. However, we only see Bobbi one time, after constantly bullying Sheldon in Jiu-Jitsu, Bubble Wrap, and Yoo-hoo.

“They didn’t write scenes for her anymore. Simple enough,” one fan argued, with another weighing in: “And plus the twin actresses were in other shows now including the live-action Loud House show.”

“Her husband might have taken her to live with him,” commented another, with others agreeing: “Maybe ex-husband got custody?” and “I think they said she went with her dad. When he moved out.”

However, the onscreen inconsistencies of Brenda’s personal life haven’t stopped fans from having some wilder Young Sheldon theories.

“Rebecca’s sister from This Is Us is raising her on some Island somewhere. Mr Kim from Gilmore Girls is her dad,” one fan concluded.

“Petra Solano adopted her and gave her crazy hormones to keep her a certain age,” said another, with a third user adding, “She lives with Chuck Cunningham and Judy Winslow.”

“She was a figment of Sheldon’s imagination and everyone just went along with it,” a fourth concluded.

Brenda herself hasn’t been seen in Young Sheldon since Season 6 Episode 18, meaning the jury’s out on if she’ll be returning for Season 7.

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