Yellowstone: Release date for final episodes revealed

Chris Tilly
Kevin Costner leans against a post in Yellowstone.Paramount

It’s been a long time coming, with delays and controversies and strikes all affecting Yellowstone, but now we know when the final few episodes will air.

Since launching on the Paramount Network in June 2018, Yellowstone has become one of the most successful TV shows on the planet.

The brainchild of writer-director-producer and showrunner Taylor Sheridan, Yellowstone is a crime drama that revolves around shady Montana rancher family the Duttons.

Kevin Costner stars, alongside Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Wes Bentley, and Danny Huston. Now, we know when their final episodes will screen.

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Yellowstone: Release date for final episodes revealed

The climax of the fifth and final series of Yellowstone will air on the Paramount Network in November 2024, so a year from now.

The first eight episodes of Season 5 screened from November 2022 to January 2023. But thanks to the writer and actor strikes – as well as scheduling issues with Costner, who is making his own western project – the final few episodes were repeatedly pushed back.

Those roadblocks have meant that the series has found new fans on network television, with CBS screening Season 1 over the summer, to great success – so much so that they’ve just started airing Season 2.

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More spinoffs announced

Yellowstone has spawned multiple spinoffs, including 1883 and 1923. Via an announcement today, we learned that two more are in the pipeline, titled 1944 and 2024.

Chris McCarthy – president and CEO of Showtime & MTV Entertainment Studios – said that both shows “will take audiences on a thrilling, new and unexpected journey with the complex and compelling storytelling that has become a hallmark of the franchise and has helped turn it into a worldwide cultural phenomenon – thanks to the creative mastermind of Taylor Sheridan.”

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We’ll have more news on the Yellowstone finale, as well as these now spinoffs, as and when it breaks. For now, you can check out more coverage below:

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