What happens to Brady in Virgin River?

Benjamin Hollingsworth as Brady in Virgin RiverNetflix

With Virgin River Season 5 Part 2 just around the corner, here’s what you need to know about what happens to Dan Brady in the Netflix series.

Virgin River isn’t a show that shies away from a dramatic moment, and so far, Brady (Ben Hollingsworth) has been at the center of quite a few of them.

After getting locked up for shooting Jack back in Season 3, he was later cleared of the crime in Season 4, though he took some brutal beatings along the way.

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In Season 5, Brady is trying to shake off Melissa (Barbara Pollard), getting himself increasingly involved in her crime operation. But does he come away from it all with his life intact?

Does Brady die in Virgin River?

Virgin River fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Brady’s journey on the show is far from over.


So far, Brady has managed to face off against plenty of life-threatening moments with success, and his winning streak isn’t set to stop anytime soon.

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With a helping hand from Mike (Marco Grazzini), Brady spends most of Season 5 trying hard to take down Melissa from the inside. This results in a lot of new pressure on his shoulders, putting an end to his relationship with Brie (Zibby Allen) and acquiring evidence in a way that hits too close to home.

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It’s not surprising that Brady would be totally exhausted, with the final episode of Season 5 Part 1 showing Melissa realizing there’s a mole within the group. Brady gets taken hostage, with the gang of criminals making their intent to kill him crystal clear.

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In true Brady style, Mike and Jack (Martin Henderson) are quick to come to his rescue, with Mike taking a bullet in order to protect Brady. By the closing scenes, Brady looks set to move forward, and once again has got out of danger by the skin of his teeth.

Though details of the remaining two episodes of Season 5 haven’t fully been revealed, there’s nothing to suggest that Brady won’t land himself in hot water all over again.

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“It’s not just clearcut that he’s a bad guy. That’s not interesting, it’s never interesting,” Hollingsworth told the Vancouver Sun about Brady. “It’s not clearcut that he’s a good guy. People just don’t do a 180 overnight.

“It’s nuanced, and I love that about it. For me, when I can get a part like that, I’ll play that for as long as they’ll let me.”

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