Does Charmaine have the twins in Virgin River?

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If there’s one thing Charmaine’s known for in Virgin River, it’s that she’s perpetually pregnant. Is this about to change in Season 5 Part 2?

It might also feel to fans of the show that Charmaine has been pregnant for a very long time – and that’s sort of the case. Having been carrying a baby for four seasons straight, viewers have been left wondering when her twins might actually arrive.

The father of Charmaine’s babies has also been an issue of contention, with Season 5 finally providing an answer in the form of a surprise return.

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But is Season 5 finally the moment that Charmaine’s twins are finally introduced to Virgin River? Here’s everything we know about her ongoing pregnancy.

Does Charmaine have the twins in Virgin River?

No. Charmaine does not have her twins in Virgin River Season 5 Part 1 – but this looks set to change in Part 2.

Though she fell pregnant during Season 1, her life change supposedly only happened five months before the most recent episodes. At that time, her ex-boyfriend Jack (Martin Henderson) was supposedly the father, which broke his relationship with his new girlfriend Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) apart.

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Fast forward to Season 2 and Jack is still trying to be a supportive part of the family. It’s here where Charmaine learns that she’s actually having twins.

In Season 3, a still-pregnant Charmaine begins a new relationship with Todd (Patrick Sabongui) and the pair briefly consider moving away from Virgin River.

Season 4 gives fans the biggest bombshell of the storyline so far, with Jack being outed as not being the father of the twins after all. This left the finale on a cliffhanger about who the twins’ dad might be.

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By the end of Season 5, fans get an answer – although there’s still no sign of the babies. Calvin (David Cubitt) returns from “the dead” to see Charmaine at the town’s Labor Day festival, with the truth outing that he is the real father.

Though Charmaine is currently still pregnant, there are still two episodes of Season 5 left to go – and the trailer makes it look like she’ll finally five birth.

Virgin River Seasons 1-5 Part 1 are available to stream on Netflix now. You can check out more of our Virgin River coverage in the links below: 

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