Ghosted cast: All the big Marvel cameos in Apple TV+ movie

Chris Evans in GhostedApple TV+

Here’s your guide to all the big-name cameos in the Ghosted cast, including a few familiar Marvel faces.

Apple TV+’s latest movie entry, an action-rom-com by Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher, already boasts a starry cast, with Captain America’s Chris Evans and No Time to Die star Ana de Armas taking on the central roles of Cole and Sadie. 

Though the movie isn’t anything to text home about – you can read our review here – one of its biggest draws is the many big-name cameos that pop up throughout. And the list includes some of Evans’ “Marvel buddies”, something he teased earlier on. 

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With Ghosted now available for streaming, we’ve broken down all of the cameos, so be warned if you don’t want to ruin the surprise: SPOILERS FOR GHOSTED AHEAD…

Ghosted Cameos

The official synopsis for Ghosted reads: “Salt-of-the-earth Cole falls head over heels for enigmatic Sadie – but then makes the shocking discovery that she’s a secret agent. Before they can decide on a second date, Cole and Sadie are swept away on an international adventure to save the world.”

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As said, Evans promised an MCU reunion, and he certainly wasn’t lying…

Anthony Mackie 

Anthony Mackie in GhostedApple TV+

Yes, Anthony Mackie, aka Evans’ Captain America successor Sam Wilson, makes an appearance in Ghosted. 

His character is one of many bounty hunters after Cole, who has been mistaken by the villains as “The Taxman” – a mysterious agent with information they’re willing to pay big bucks for. What no one realizes is that it’s actually Sadie they want. 

His entrance brings some much-needed comic relief, and we also get some fan service when he reveals his nickname to be the “Grandson of Sam” – a nod to his Marvel character (and the serial killer, of course). 

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As well as his work within the MCU, including The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (more on this in a bit), the actor has appeared in The Hurt Locker, The Adjustment Bureau, and The Banker.

John Cho

John Cho in GhostedApple TV+

Before we get a moment to take in what’s happening, Mackie’s bounty hunter is shot by a new sniper – who we quickly discover to be one half of Harold & Kumar, John Cho. 

What ensues is a hilarious domino effect as one bounty hunter takes out the other in a bid to get Cole, with each new assassin paving the way for a jaw-dropping cameo. 

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The comedic timing of Cho’s entrance is perfect, arriving just as the “Grandson of Sam” is bragging about being the best bounty hunter in the world. “Second best,” quips Cho’s gunman. 

Alongside his work within the Harold & Kumar film series, Cho has taken on a number of roles over the years, including the 2018 movie Searching and the live-action remake of Cowboy Bebop

Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan in GhostedApple TV+

Following suit, Cho’s sniper is exterminated as soon as he reveals his nickname: “The Leopard.” His killer is soon revealed to be played by none other than The Winter Soldier himself, Sebastian Stan

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Though Evans promised us some “Marvel buddies”, we weren’t expecting a straight-up Captain America reunion. As well as delivering the funniest lines of the trio, he’s also got the funniest nickname: “God The Bounty Hunter.” 

Ultimately, the sequence – which ends with an unexpected return from Mackie – is one of the best parts of Ghosted. Especially if you’re a Marvel fan. 

Beyond his role as Bucky Barnes, Stan more recently appeared in the Pam & Tommy miniseries as Tommy Lee.

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Ryan Reynolds 

Ryan Reynolds in GhostedApple TV+

Just when you thought they couldn’t fit another one in, comedy royalty and soon-to-be MCU star Ryan Reynolds pops up. 

This might be one of the best on the list, purely because we weren’t expecting it. What’s more, the Deadpool star delivers the goods as the needy ex of Sadie; one who may or may not have lost a rather important *ahem* organ over the course of their relationship. 

His appearance just makes sense, especially following the superhero-heavy cameos, with Deadpool set to make its MCU debut with the upcoming threequel. 

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Foul-mouthed mercenaries aside, Reynolds has starred in Red Notice, The Adam Project, and Green Lantern, to name a few. 

That’s everything we know about the cameos in Ghosted, which dropped on Apple TV+ on April 21, 2023. You can check out the full cast list here, and find our other TV & movie hubs below:

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