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Does Sebastian Stan have a secret TikTok account?

Published: 24/Apr/2021 16:18 Updated: 24/Apr/2021 16:20

by Georgina Smith


Fans of actor Sebastian Stan are convinced that he has a secret TikTok account, after he posted some of his favorite ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ TikToks on his Instagram story.

Over the past year, TikTok has become one of the most prevalent social media apps, with people flocking to the platform to catch up on some of the most viral internet content. This naturally has also attracted many celebrities to the app, who join to catch up on some of the latest fan content about them.

But not all of them make a lot of noise about joining. Singer Billie Eilish and actor Maisie Williams both joined TikTok under subtle usernames, meaning people would randomly stumble across them on their For You Page without realizing they even had an account.


Now, people are convinced that actor Sebastian Stan, known for his role as Bucky Barnes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a TikTok account of his own after he posted a series of TikToks about The Falcon and the Winter Soldier to his Instagram story.

Sebastian Stan posts a TikTok to his Instagram story Sebastian posted several viral TikToks created by fans to his story.

“Had to share some of these, thanks for watching!” he wrote, sharing several viral videos about the show.


No Cap! #falconandwintersoldier #johnwalkercaptainamerica #usagentmarvel #buckybarnes #formarvelfans #marvelstudios #rant #foryoupage #foryou

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What is Sebastian Stan’s TikTok?

From the number of videos he shared, some fans suspect that the actor has been using the app, but it’s currently unclear whether Sebastian has been sent these videos via other platforms, or whether he has his own account that he uses to look at content.


But even if the star does have an account, it doesn’t currently appear to be one that is public.

Now that fans have seen him share the love for TikTok, many are already hoping that he will make a public profile at some point to share some content of his own on the platform.

People are already keeping a close eye out for any accounts that could possibly belong to the star as if he’s anything like the other celebs that have joined TikTok, it may be that he doesn’t announce his presence right away.