Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – Cast & what their classes do

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Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is soon to release and brings with it a new perspective on the popular roleplaying game – but what are the main characters’ classes and what can they do? We have all the answers here.

While DnD is growing all the more popular, the ramifications of a star-studded movie means many viewers will be new to the game as a whole and will therefore want to know a bit more about the characters they’ll be seeing on the big screen.

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With that in mind, we’ve compiled the six main characters and explained everything you need to know about the character they’re playing, their classes, and what they do.


Chris Pine: Edgin the Bard

Edgin the Bard played by Chris PineParamount
With music and magic at his fingertips, the Bard can alter a lost battle with a swift tune.

Chris Pine will be playing Edgin the Bard in the Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves movie. His character will likely be the inspiration for most of the group, providing support through his charisma, charm, and perhaps songs.

Typically, Bards in DnD serve to protect the party from harm by using spells to control the enemy’s forces, manipulate the world around them, and counter any deadly spells being thrown toward the party.

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They’re an extremely powerful class when they reach the right spells and can quickly turn the tide of any battle or situation with a simple strum of the Lute.

It’s likely Edgin will be more of a hilarious song-based bard with the capability to simply be able to talk his way out of a situation thanks to the trailer.

Hugh Grant: Forge Fitzwilliam the Rogue

Hugh Grant playing a rogue in DnDParamount
The masters of theft and all-around sneaking. The Rogue can be selfish but pivotal to a successful DnD party.

Hugh Grant will be playing the role of Forge Fitzwilliam, a rather ostentatious rogue who seems to either have all the money he needs or is successfully pretending to be a member of the upper class in order to steal high-quality loot.

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Typically, most Rogues in DnD are characters who’ve either lost something or are aiming to be rich, often it’s both and that seems to be the case for Forge Fitzwilliam who dresses and acts like a higher-class member of society.

Essentially, Rogues are the thieves, assassins, and all-around sneaky characters of Dungeons and Dragons. They’re stealthy, dexterous, and often a little criminal, although that doesn’t mean they’re evil by any means, although Grant’s character is rumored to be the villain of the story.

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From the trailers and artwork in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, it’s likely Hugh Grants Forge Fitzwilliam will be the charismatic thief talking his way into success, and just generally causing trouble.

Sophia Lillis: Doric the Druid

Doric the DruidParamount
Druids are fantastically powerful, imbued with the power of nature and with the ability to turn into animals.

Sophia Lillia is playing Doric the Druid and is portraying a Teifling, despite not being the classic red color many fans see in modern-day portrayals of the race.

Druids are often overlooked by most DnD players, but they’re arguably the most powerful class out there. Ultimately, Druids are versatile, they can be damage, healing, control, or get the party out of a tricky situation with a well-timed Plane Shift spell.

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As seen through the trailer, Doric has the ability to use a feature called Wild Shape, which is essentially the ability to turn into an animal you’ve seen before. You gain the statistics of such an animal and can fight as such. Although in traditional DnD rules, you can’t turn into the powerful but adorable Snowy Owlbear we see Doric embody.

Along with being powerful, Druids are the class most in tune with nature and are typically good or neutral in their perspective on the world. We are yet to see whether Doric is in tune with the world around her or if she prefers the fighting side of her class, although from her outfit we can assume she’ll be heavily attuned with nature.

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Michelle Rodriguez: Holga the Barbarian

Holga the Barbarian Dungeons and Dragons movieParamount
Barbarians are fuelled by rage and filled with unbridled power.

Michelle Rodriguez is playing Holga, a ferocious Barbarian who never seems to back down from a fight.

In Dungeons and Dragons, the Barbarian is usually the character who takes all the hits in a battle and is generally extremely hard to take down. They’re normally fueled by their anger, with thought and reasoning quickly giving way to brute force and might.

Barbarians are strong, powerful, deadly, and often serve as the protectors of the party, while not usually being the proclaimed ‘leader’ due to their lower Wisdom and Intelligence statistics.

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Holga looks to be the prime example of power and efficiency, seen quickly dispatching enemies when needed and protecting the more susceptible bard and Sorcerers. Although we are yet to see her fly into the rage Barbarians are known for.

Regé-Jean Page: Xenk the Paladin

Xenk the Paladin Dungeons and Dragons movieParamount
Paladins are serious and deadly classes with enough power and healing to be great in any situation.

Regé-Jean Page is playing Xenk, a righteous and dedicated Paladin who strives to keep the world balanced and the party on the right path.

Xenk may be a little more serious than the other members of the party, but that’s not too far away from traditional Paladins many see and play in their D&D games.

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Paladins get their power from the Gods and are therefore extremely religious characters with strong moral compasses and the dedication to do whatever is necessary for their Gods and for their party, so long as their morals align.

Essentially, Paladins are a cross between magic and brute force. They’re often clad in heavy armor and will typically fight with a weapon but also have the power to heal players and keep enemies at bay with fantastic spells.

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We see Xenk in that heavy armor and also witness his stoic demeanor, hinting that he will likely take the path of the traditional Paladins many play in Dungeons and Dragons.

Justice Smith: Simon the Sorcerer

Simon the SorcererParamount
Filled with intense magical power, the Sorcerer is an extremely useful class to have in a group.

Justice Smith will be playing Simon, a sorcerer with lifesaving powers and innate control over the magical elements of the Forgotten Realms.

Sorcerers are often confused with Wizards in Dungeons and Dragons. After all, they are extremely similar, the only difference is that a Sorcerer has power imbued within them, while a Wizard reads off a spellbook.

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Sorcerers are often described as a ‘Glass Cannon’ meaning they can create and deal a vast amount of damage through spells, but are usually extremely brittle, one hit and they could be in danger.

This seems to be the case for Simon, who is usually seen staying back in fights and casting spells from a distance, apart from his lifesaving shield cast over the party during a fireball attack.

Ultimately, sorcerers are extremely versatile and there’s not usually a specific personality trait linked to them, aside from their charisma and often intelligence.

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Simon seems to be taking the same inspiration and will likely be a weaker member of the party who is able to manipulate any situation to his advantage and continue to surprise the stronger members.

That’s all you need to know about the cast of Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and the classes they play.

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