Terrifier 3: Everything we know – cast, plot & more

Art the Clown who is returning for Terrifier 3Bloody Disgusting

Here’s everything we know about Art the Clown’s return in Terrifier 3, from a possible release date to trailer, cast, plot, and other details. “Who’s laughing now?”

Damien Leone first brought Art the Clown to life in 2008’s The 9th Circle, before giving him the spotlight in 2011’s Terrifier, a short film following a young woman who witnesses one of the villain’s murders.

After appearing in All Hallows’ Eve, Leone adapted Terrifier into a feature-length film in 2016, with the clown stalking three young women on Halloween. It’s trashy in the best ways, features a jaw-dropping upside-down kill, and whet people’s appetites for more.

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Enter Terrifier 2, this year’s most shocking horror movie, responsible for fainting and vomiting across cinemas in the US. Of course, now we want to know when Terrifier 3 is coming out, so here’s what we know so far, including any possible release date, cast, and plot details.

Is there a Terrifier 3 release date?

Terrifier 3 has yet to receive an official release date – however, looking ahead, a release date in 2024 seems most likely for Terrifier 3.

According to the director and Art the Clown himself, a third film is definitely in the works – and possibly even a fourth.

Art the Clown in Terrifier 2Bloody Disgusting

Leone told Variety: “I had a Part 3 in mind when writing Part 2. There are so many questions brought up in Part 2 that are not answered, and that was part of the design because I know I’m going into a Part 3,” he said.

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“I pretty much have the entire treatment ready for Part 3, but it’s getting so big that it could potentially split into a Part 4 because I wouldn’t want to make another 2 hour 20 minute movie. So we’ll see.

“My fear is that eventually the well is gonna run dry, we’re gonna wind up jumping the shark, there will be nothing left to say with this character. It happens with a lot of franchises that I’m still a huge fan of. I’ve watched all these Part 10s and Part 13s, but sometimes that could really ruin the entire franchise.

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“For them to peter out or not have this satisfying arc or the movie goes in another direction, that could be devastating to your overall franchise. I want to try and avoid that.”

In a recent interview with Insider, Leone confirmed he was in the process of writing Terrifier 3. “I definitely want to make at least one more. There may be two to tell this story and tackle all the ideas that I have in my head,” he said.

Terrifier 3 trailer: Is there a trailer?

While Terrifier 3 is in development, there isn’t a trailer at the time of writing. If you want a taste of what to expect, you can check out the trailers for Terrifier and Terrifier 2 below:

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Terrifier 3 cast: Who’s in it?

The cast of Terrifier 3 hasn’t been confirmed, but we can bank on two stars: David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown, and Lauren LaVera as Sienna Shaw.

Sienna in Terrifier 2Bloody Disgusting

We can also expect to see the return of Amelie McLain as The Little Pale Girl, who debuted in the sequel and stole every scene she was in. As for Victoria (Samantha Scaffidi), she wasn’t in the best state in Terrifier 2’s post-credits scene, so perhaps she’ll also return.

Terrifier 3 plot: What is it about?

There aren’t any official plot details for Terrifier 3 at the time of writing, but Leone has teased “a lot more to say with Art, and with Sienna” in the third movie.

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Discussing Terrifier 2’s “twisted ending” and how he doesn’t want to do a “disservice” to Art, he told the Nightmare on Film Street podcast: “My biggest fear is doing a disservice to the protagonist that you build up, which happens a lot in these franchises.

“Eventually, the villain overpowers everybody and all these heroes that you’ve been following for like six, seven, eight movies, they wind up petering out, or the actor dies, or the character gets killed off and then it’s just like, well, what was the point of all of that? You can’t really watch it as a whole complete series with a satisfying arc or journey.

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“I’m not going to say that I’m not going to fall into that trap. I hope I don’t but right now, in my head, I’d love to just tell a solid story. Way more talented filmmakers- filmmakers with amazing artistic integrity fall into those traps, so I’m not going to say that I’m not going to, but I’m going to try not to.”

The Little Pale Girl in Terrifier 2Bloody Disgusting

Also speaking to Variety, Leone said: “There’s something very interesting that’s going to happen with the pale girl in Part 3. That’s all I can say right now.

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“Sienna is crucial to the franchise moving forward. There are a lot of interesting things that are going to be brought up with that character and her trajectory. I know there were a lot of things thrown at the audience in this movie and it sort of unravels like a nightmare, but nothing was thrown in just arbitrarily for the sake of being weird. Everything means something, and it’s all going to make sense, for sure.

“I kind of regret doing this, but I recorded a director’s commentary for the Blu-ray and I actually did explain a lot of stuff that I shouldn’t have. People might want to check that out because they’ll definitely get some spoilers as to what’s going on.”

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