A Quiet Place Day One: Release, cast, plot, and more

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Joseph Quinn and Lupita Nyong'o, who'll star in A Quiet Place Day OneNetflix/Universal Pictures

Here’s everything we know about horror spinoff movie A Quiet Place: Day One, from its release to cast, plot, and more.

John Krasinski is best known as Jim, the smirking, shrugging prankster from The Office. However, in recent years he’s carved a new era in his career, becoming an action star in 13 Hours and Jack Ryan.

Most notably, he directed 2018’s A Quiet Place, the first movie of Paramount’s blockbuster horror franchise that’s grossed more than $630 million worldwide, with Part II also receiving critical acclaim.

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A spinoff titled A Quiet Place Day One is in the works, as well as Part III, so here’s what we know about the movie so far.


Emily Blunt and the stars of A Quiet Place Part II, who aren't expected to star in A Quiet Place Day OneParamount Pictures

A Quiet Place Day One release: When is it coming out?

A Quiet Place: Day One is due for release on June 28, 2024.

The spinoff was originally set for release in September 2023, but Paramount Pictures first moved it back in July, with the movie only having to compete with Disney’s The Magician’s Elephant and an unspecified wide release from Universal Pictures. Paramount then moved from its next release date of March 8, 2024, in line with a wider studio shake-up.

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As for A Quiet Place Part III, it’s due to hit cinemas sometime in 2025, with Krasinski returning to direct and Emily Blunt set to star once again. It’s believed to be the final installment of the trilogy, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

A Quiet Place Day One cast: Who’s in it?

A Quiet Place Day One has tapped two big hitters for its cast: Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong’o and Joseph Quinn, the beloved star of Stranger Things Season 4. No other cast members for the spinoff have been announced at the time of writing.

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This comes after Nyong’o returned to the MCU as Nakia in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, although it’s unclear what lies ahead for her character in future movies.

As for Quinn, he signed with talent agency CAA amid the immense popularity of his breakout role as Eddie Munson, and he’s already regarded as one of the show’s most iconic characters.

A Quiet Place: Day One will be written and directed by Pig’s Michael Sarnoski. Midnight Special and Mud director Jeff Nichols was originally tapped for the project, but he exited its development in October last year.

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A Quiet Place Day One plot: What’s it about?

Plot details regarding A Quiet Place Day One are being kept secret by Krasinski, so it’s unclear what the spinoff will be about, nor do we know when it’ll be set in the franchise’s timeline.

Deadline wrote: “Not much more is known about this project other than it not being a threequel but rather a spinoff, based on an idea from John Krasinski, who directed and starred in the first two films.

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“The hope is this film will help set up a potential Quiet Place universe that the studio can build on for years to come. It also is known that, while not out of the question, Emily Blunt and Krasinski likely won’t reprise their roles in this installment.”


From the title, it seems we’ll be following a new cast of characters as the aliens arrive, or perhaps emerge on Earth, and the chaos that unfolds as society breaks down – similar to the first flashback in the sequel.

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During an earlier appearance on the Empire podcast, Krasinski spoke about the origin of the monsters and how the world reacts when they’re first unleashed. “They are absolutely aliens. They’re from another planet,” he said.

“Where I developed the idea of them and what I wanted them to look like was most alien movies are about takeovers, agendas, they’re a thinking alien creature, and for me this idea of a predator, this idea of a parasite, this idea of something that is introduced into an ecosystem [was interesting].

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“I remember a terrible joke that I said was it would be – it’s disgusting and disturbing, but it’s true – it would be like releasing wolves into a daycare center. That’s how the world responds.”

A Quiet Place Day One trailer: Is there a trailer?

No, there isn’t a trailer for A Quiet Place: Day One at the time of writing – but we’ll update this space once it’s shared online.

We’ll update this article upon further announcements. In the meantime, be sure to check out our other movie hubs below:

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