What If…? Season 2: Release date window, cast, plot, episodes & more

Sam Comrie
An image of Captain Carter and Mr Fantastic in What If ahead of Season 2Marvel Studios

What If…? Season 2 is coming to Disney+ later this year, so here’s everything you need to know, from its release date to cast, plot, and other details.

Alongside the multiverse adventures of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Disney+ has opened up the door to a world of possibilities. That door is the creation of What If…? – a spin-off show based on the comic series which debuted in 1977.

Phase Four is halfway complete and we’ve still got plenty of tales to astonish us.

What If Season 2 release date window: When will it be released?

A specific release date for the next season of What If…? has yet to be released. However, at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel confirmed that the show would be releasing in “early 2023“.

What If Season 2 cast: Who will be in it?

Marvel have only confirmed the return of one character in the What If Season 2 cast so far, which is Jeffrey Wright’s The Watcher. Speculation around who will appear in next is already bursting with excitement, as the show’s head writer A.C Bradley teased to Entertainment Weekly: “Hopefully, we’ll see hints of Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Black Widow characters.”

“The fun of What If…? is that we get to explore the entire infinite multiverse,” Bradley continued.

“I want to play with all these characters, and as much as I love Captain Carter, we’ve got to share the love. I’m very excited to show new worlds, new heroes.”

We’ll update this article upon any casting details. 

What If Season 2 trailer: Is there a trailer?

A trailer for What If…? Season 2 was shown at San Diego Comic-Con, but has not be released to the public just yet, but we’ll include it as soon as Marvel releases it.

What If Season 2 plot: What will it be about?

Plot details for Season 2 are behind locked doors currently, but head writer A.C Bradley reiterated previous comments to Slash Film about where he’d like to go next with the show.

Speaking on the notion of new characters, Bradley said: “I’m looking more forward to in Season 2. I don’t know about you, but I want to go play with Shang-Chi. I want to kind of hang out with some of those Black Widow characters. We’re going to follow new characters, new stories.”

We do know that Season 2 will definitely contain an episode cut from Season 1, which depicts Gamora before she joined the Guardians of the Multiverse. Bradley clarified this too: “It is being worked on still. And it will be in the second season. So you kind of get to see eventually how it all came to be for them.”

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness showed audiences dazzling realms across the entire MCU in brief doses. However, we spent time with The Illuminati, a multiversal peace-keeping society made of Black Bolt, Captain Carter, Captain Marvel, and more notably: Professor Xavier and Reed Richards.

However, according to observers at Comic-Con, the trailer shown confirmed that the Captain Carter that audiences saw in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a different variant of Peggy Carter from the animated version. That same version of Captain Carter from Season 1 will return for What If…? Season 2.

Several other What If…? Season 1 characters will be returning for Season 2, including Zombie Hawkeye, Captain Marvel, Okoye, and Captain America.

Newcomers who have been confirmed to appear in Season 2 include Abomination, Ghost, the Scarlet Witch (in Season 1 we only saw zombie Wanda), Yelena Belova, Kate Bishop, Kamala Khan, the Red Guardian, Jimmy Woo, Death Dealer, Katy from Shang Chi, and Shang-Chi himself. It’s unknown if any or all of those characters will be voiced by their MCU counterparts.

Though it has been confirmed that John Krasinski’s role was nothing more than fan-casting, it possible we could see Krasinski’s variant with the full Fantastic Four team. On the idea of mutants, if you’ve been watching Ms. Marvel, well, the MCU is just getting started.

Are you looking forward to What If…? returning on Disney+? Be sure to keep up with all things Marvel in the meantime.