Return to Silent Hill: Everything we know – cast, plot & more

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In my restless dreams, I see that town: here’s what we know about the Return to Silent Hill movie, including any release date information, trailer updates, cast, plot, and other details.

Silent Hill is one of the most iconic horror franchises in gaming. Everyone has their own memory, whether it’s the first time they saw Pyramid Head in Silent Hill 2, feeling trapped in The Room, or cowering behind a couch when you’re caught by Lisa in P.T.

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After a hiatus, Konami recently announced multiple new Silent Hill projects, including a remake of the acclaimed second game, a live real-time interactive series titled Silent Hill: Ascension, and two brand-new games.

That’s not all: we’re also getting Return to Silent Hill – so, here’s everything we know about the movie so far, including any trailer, cast, and plot details.

Is there a Return to Silent Hill release date?

Return to Silent Hill doesn’t have an official release date, but there’s good reason to believe it’s coming out in 2023.

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The movie will be directed by Christopher Gans, the French filmmaker behind 2006’s underrated Silent Hill.

In an interview with Jeux Video, Gans teased the new entry and how he expects it to release this year. “I worked on a new Silent Hill which is a Silent Hill of the year 2023 since the film would be released next year… in 2023… and not a Silent Hill as I imagined it in 2006,” he said.

We’ll update this space upon the announcement of its exact release date.

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Is there a Return to Silent Hill trailer?

Yes, there’s a teaser trailer for Return to Silent Hill, and you can watch it below:

The teaser was unveiled during the Silent Hill Transmission showcase, featuring scenes from the first Silent Hill movie and nightmarish artwork from the upcoming film.

Return to Silent Hill cast: Who’s in it?

The Return to Silent Hill cast hasn’t been confirmed, but we do know certain characters who’ll appear. These include:

  • James Sunderland
  • Mary Crane
  • Jacob Crane

The project is still in development right now, and it doesn’t appear to be a direct continuation of the previous Silent Hill movies, so there’s no reason to believe Radha Mitchell or Sean Bean will return.

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We’ll update this space upon the announcement of the cast.

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Return to Silent Hill plot: What’s it about?

Return to Silent Hill will be based on the story of Silent Hill 2, while also being “totally independent from the two previous movies made and respects the way Silent Hill has evolved.”

An official synopsis was leaked via German movie site, which reads: “Driven by the shadows of his past, James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill to find his lost love, Mary Crane.

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“But the dark, depressing small town is no longer the place from his memories. He meets characters who seem all too familiar and who try to divert him from his search for Mary. The longer he searches for Mary, the more he begins to wonder if this is still reality – or if he has fallen into the dark underworld of Jacob Crane.”

During Konami’s showcase, Gans explained: “This return is my return to a world, a universe that I touched in 2006, 15 years ago. The film was a great success and we decided to go back to the best of these stories. I mean Silent Hill 2.

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“The film tells the story of a young guy coming back to Silent Hill, where he has known a great love and what he’s going to find is a pure nightmare.”

Silent Hill 2 follows James, a widower who goes to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his dead wife saying she’s waiting there for him. It also features the debut of Pyramid Head, who will also be in Return to Silent Hill.

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“One of my main goals in this film is how to redesign the classic monster of Silent Hill. I was talking about the Red Pyramid Thing… you know, the guy with the helmet. He’s back again in this one,” Gans added.

In his earlier interview with Jeux Video, the director said: “It is a Silent Hill for today’s audiences while being ultra-respectful of the saga. I am aware that Silent Hill is a very great video game franchise and a work of art in the noble sense of the term. The people who thought up Silent Hill put a lot of their guts into it.

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“For me, it was important to design a Silent Hill in the light of the current public. It is clear that today’s horror cinema no longer resembles the horror cinema of 2006. Good for that matter. Not that 2007 horror cinema wasn’t good, but every genre is going through an evolution.”

“I’m trying to take into account what I’ve been able to see recently, which is more original and more surprising in terms of horror films, and to see if in Silent Hill there are the seeds, or even the expression, of that. Silent Hill has always been a game beyond the norm and ahead of its time.”

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We’ll update this article upon further announcements regarding Return to Silent Hill. In the meantime, check out our other horror hubs below:

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