Who is Smash Ultimate’s final DLC fighter? Leaks, Sora, Master Chief, more

Michael Gwilliam
Final Smash Ultimate DLC fighter with Sora, Master Chief and Crash

The final Smash Ultimate DLC fighter is fast approaching and with it, there have been plenty of leaks, rumors and speculation. Will Kingdom Hearts’ Sora really round out Fighters Pass Volume 2? Could Master Chief finish the fight? Let’s dive in.

Series creator Masahiro Sakurai and Nintendo themselves have been very clear for a long time now that this will be the final DLC fighter. So, many fans are expecting the game to go out with a bang.

While some rumored characters could still end up making the cut, such as Ninja Gaiden’s Ryu or Waluigi, they just wouldn’t pack the same punch, especially with all the build-up to Challenger Pack 11.

That being said, who will it be? There are only so many characters that can set the internet ablaze when they’re announced, and luckily they’re all rumored in some capacity.

Kingdom Hearts’ Sora

Sora from Kingdom Hearts with Goofy and Donald Duck
Nintendo apparently reached out about getting Sora in Smash.

The case for the Kingdom Hearts protagonist is a curious one and his path to this stage has been a wild ride. Despite being seemingly deconfirmed by insider Imran Kahn who said Disney Japan prevented Sora from coming to Smash, he’s still on a lot of peoples’ radars heading towards this final presentation.

Primarily, a leak on a message board in July claimed that Sora would be the final DLC. While normally such leaks are just glossed over, in this case, the anonymous user said Nintendo requested Disney music to be used in an event on October 5 – the same day as the then yet-to-be-announced Smash presentation.


Coincidence or not, the leak has spread and many are expecting Sora as the final character. However, it hasn’t come without its fair share of doubters, such as leaker HotGirlVideos69 saying the final DLC isn’t the Kingdom Hearts hero.

Whatever the case, even if it does end up being Sora, there’s just enough doubt that if he’s announced, a lot of fans will be jumping for joy. But he’s not the only candidate in the running.

Halo’s Master Chief

Master Chief joins smash ultimate as DLC
Will Master Chief be the one to finish the fight?

Having Master Chief in Smash Ultimate started out as a dream, but it’s quickly become a very real possibility, thanks to how cozy Nintendo and Microsoft have become.

Microsoft has made it clear that it supports the idea of its mascot appearing in Smash. All the way back in 2019, the Halo account responded to a question by Twitter Gaming about bringing any character to Smash with a GIF of everyone’s favorite Spartan.

With Microsoft allowing Banjo and Steve to join Smash despite owning both those characters, Chief isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Plus, there was a leak from well-established insider Vergeben claiming that Chief was going to be revealed at E3. While it didn’t come to fruition, Vergeben has gotten the DLC order incorrect in the past. Could that be a sign that Chief is still in the cards?

Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot Smash Ultimate
Crash has been requested for a long time.

There are a lot of things going for Bandicoot heading into October 5. For one, it’s his 25 year anniversary, something that leaks suggest Activision has wanted to celebrate by Crash getting into Smash.

If Activision actually wants Crash in Smash, this could bode well for Nintendo and they may even get him at a discount. According to YouTuber Matt McMuscles, a developer for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale said the only reason Crash didn’t appear is because he was “simply too expensive.”

Considering Bandicoot’s popularity, having him round out the roster would mean that Mario, Sonic and Crash would be all under one roof – something unfathomable during the 90s and early 2000s.

Could the final Smash DLC be someone else?

Doomslayer in smash
Doomslayer would be a wild addition to Smash.

The remaining candidates come down to Doomguy, a League of Legends Champion and a Zelda character.

In the case of Doomguy/DoomSlayer, it’s all about the Mii costume theory. Both Fallout’s Vault Boy and Skyrim’s Dragonborn are both Mii fighters and many fans think it’s very strange to leave out Bethesda’s biggest icon.

Add in the fact that Doom Eternal’s developers reached out to Nintendo about putting Doomguy in Smash and you have a fighter who has been sitting under the radar for awhile as a sleeper pick.

Vault Boy and Dragonborn Miis
Vault Boy and Dragonborn, but not Doomguy?

Meanwhile, the final Smash presentation kicks off the same day as the LoL World Championship and in the past, Nintendo has had events coincide such as when Steve was announced prior to MineCon. Could Nintendo have a LoL fighter lined up on this date for a reason?

Finally, the remaining possibility seems to be a four-in-one Zelda rep to help promote Breath of the Wild 2. Possibly hinted at by Imran Khan and GameXplain, a character utilizing the four champions would give Zelda some much-needed representation aside from three different forms of Link.

Whoever it is, we can’t wait to find out come October 5 when the final Smash Ultimate presentation takes place with Sakurai revealing the last fighter.

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