Smash Ultimate Bethesda Mii theory suggests Doomslayer is final DLC fighter

Doomslayer in smash ultimate as DLC fighterNintendo/Bethesda

With Kazuya’s addition to the Super Smash Bros Ultimate roster, only one DLC character remains in Fighters Pass Volume 2 – and fans have good reason to suspect Doomslayer.

Sakurai’s Kazuya presentation on June 28 included several brand new Mii outfits, which de-confirmed popular candidates like Dante and Shantae while seemingly introducing a new possibility for the Doom protagonist.

The reveal of a Skyrim Dragonborn Mii outfit caught many Smash fans by surprise, and while the outfit is cool and a nice addition, the fact that Fallout and Elder Scrolls have Miis seemed quite odd to some.

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Bethesda having two Mii outfits caused many fans to wonder why Smash would skip out on arguably the most popular franchise the company has to offer – Doom.

Sakurai himself even acknowledged Bethesda’s 35th anniversary on June 28 with a tweet featuring Vault Boy and Dragonborn’s Miis, drawing attention to their inclusion and being from the same publisher.

“It still seems pretty suspicious to me that Bethesda has 2 of its main IPs in Smash, but not the biggest,” Vet093 wrote. “Even weirder when you consider that the presence of Skyrim and Fallout on Switch is minuscule, while Doom has basically all of his main games on the console. We will see.”

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“I think it’s somewhat likely that we’re gonna get Doom Slayer or Rayman in Smash because we’ve gotten most of the major Bethesda and Ubisoft series represented as Mii fighter costumes and we haven’t seen anything from Doom or Rayman yet,” another hypothesized.

However, some fans wondered why Nintendo would scatter the Bethesda Miis reveals through the presentations if Doomslayer was the final DLC fighter. Well, Heihachi’s Mii was revealed way before Kazuya was announced, so Smash has spread things out a bit in the past.

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Additionally, Sakurai himself did say that it will be “awhile” before the final DLC announcement, but it would still release before the end of the year. This means we could be looking at another reveal at The Game Awards, and Doomguy would be a big hit there, just as Sephiroth was in 2020.

Of course, this is all speculation, so take all of it with a grain of salt… but considering there was a lot of build-up to a possible Doom reveal at E3 as well with some copyright shenanigans going on, it’s looking likely that the Slayer could round out Smash Ultimate’s DLC.

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We will just have to wait and see what the future holds, and with this being the last chance for many characters and the last hurrah for Smash, hopefully, things end with a bang.