Halo community director updates fans on Master Chief in Smash Ultimate

Master Chief joins smash ultimate as DLCNintendo

Halo’s Community Director has commented on rumors that Master Chief would be joining Smash Ultimate after fans were disappointed that he wasn’t revealed at E3.

Fans have been expecting Master Chief to be announced for Smash Ultimate ever since Microsoft worked with Nintendo to bring Banjo to the game back at E3 2019.

With rumors swirling, teases showing up in official Microsoft videos, and even established leaker Vergeben claiming Master Chief would be coming to the game, fans were left disappointed when Tekken’s Kazuya Mishima was announced in his place.

Now, Brian Jarrard has commented on the theories, telling fans that he didn’t expect it to happen at E3, but that it’s always still a possibility that Chief finishes the fight.

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“As a longtime fan of both games, it would be amazing to have a Chief/Smash announce today. Nothing is happening that I’m aware of,” he said just as Nintendo’s presentation began.

However, he went on to encourage fans to not give up hope.

“Maybe momentum this week can open a door,” he added. “If you agree, maybe we can *politely* express our excitement to Phil Spencer and Doug Bowser.”

Master Chief poses with weapon in HaloMicrosoft
Master Chief would be a great way to round out Smash DLC.

So far, neither Spencer or Bowser have commented on the tweet, but considering Phil Spencer’s Switch on his shelf directly contributed to the fighter rumors, if Master Chief was coming, he’d certainly be in the know.

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As it stands, there is still a possibility that Master Chief rounds out Fighters Pass Volume 2 and is the final character announced for Smash Ultimate, but right now it’s looking very up in the air.

Still, this is further evidence that Microsoft supports the idea of Chief joining the roster. Previously, only Xbox France had commented on the idea, claiming the Spartan was “waiting for his invitation” back in 2020.

In any case, we will have some time to wait before the final DLC is announced. Nintendo stated that the next fighter would not be revealed during Sakurai’s Kazuya Mishima presentation on June 28.

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Hopefully, even if Master Chief isn’t currently planned for Smash, the two companies can work something out and we end up seeing the Xbox mascot duke it out with Mario and Sonic in the near future.