Disney blocked Sora from being in Smash Ultimate according to new report


Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series is one of the characters some fans want to see most join the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster, but a new report claims Disney prevented Nintendo from doing just that.

Sora is the main protagonist of the Kingdom Hearts series and has come to represent the games as a whole for some fans with his iconic Keyblade.

Nintendo hasn’t been shy about adding characters to Smash who aren’t originally from their IP, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Snake, Cloud, and others, but according to a new video from Kinda Funny Games on YouTube, they also wanted to add Sora as well.

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Sora seems like a perfect fit for Smash, but hasn’t found his way to the game just yet.

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Imran Kahn, a senior editor for Game Informer and one of the hosts of Kinda Funny, claimed in the video that Nintendo had attempted to get Sora into Smash Ultimate, only to be shut down by Disney.

“They absolutely approached Disney about [getting Sora as a Smash Bros. character] once,” Khan said, before confirming Disney were the ones preventing it from happening. “Yes, Disney Japan specifically.”

Though he didn’t completely rule Sora out from appearing in Smash in the future, Khan did suggest there were other characters that could cause more hype if they were added to the game.

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Timestamp at 26:50 for mobile viewers.

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While Khan thought it would be cool to see Sora come to the game, he did say that Halo’s Master Chief could potentially generate more excitement as a Smash fighter.

“[Smash and Kingdom Hearts] are two fan bases that invest emotionally very heavily into these two franchises,” he said, defending the idea of adding Sora. “Master Chief is just more popular in general.”

Nintendo is definitely planning on adding more fighters to Smash Ultimate, but so far other than some very compelling rumors, we don’t have any solid evidence on who they’ll be.

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Smash fans are hard at work speculating on who the six new fighters could be.

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One recent leak claims that Crash from Crash Bandicoot will be one of the new fighters, but as with all leaks like this, it’s impossible to tell whether it’s legit or not.

So while Sora might be a popular pick for Smash, Kingdom Hearts fans may be out of luck unless Disney decides to change their minds.

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