Smash Ultimate leak reveals Kingdom Hearts’ Sora as final DLC fighter

Sora Smash UltimateNintendo

A Smash Ultimate leak that’s suddenly getting a lot more attention could point to Kingdom Hearts’ protagonist Sora being the final DLC fighter coming to the game.

The final Super Smash Bros Ultimate reveal is coming up on October 5, and a leak that correctly predicted the date could very well also reveal the next DLC fighter.

According to the mysterious poster, the final Smash Ultimate DLC character will be none other than Sora, the beloved protagonist from the Kingdom Hearts series.

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Sora from Kingdom Hearts smilesSquare Enix
Sora could set the internet on fire if he made it to Smash as some fans have theorized.

The leak in question was posted on July 30 to 4chan’s video game board. As with any “leak” that appears on the site, it’s best to take it with a couple handfuls of salt. But what’s interesting in this case is when we look at the leak retroactively it actually correctly predicts the date of the presentation.

Nintendo didn’t announce the date for the final Smash Ultimate reveal presentation until September 23, but as soon as they did this random 4chan leak suddenly became much more interesting.

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“Actual info here: I work for Disney music, Nintendo called last week to request rights to several tracks from kingdom hearts to use in a ‘digital event’ on October 5,” the anon said all the way back on July 30. “Sora is the last Smash character.”

4chan smash leakIs anon on to something here?

Now, we have to reiterate that the fact the date was correct is the main reason this leak is getting so much attention. Normally so-called “leaks” on 4chan are nothing more than memes most of the time but the fact this anon got the date exactly right has drawn a lot of attention to it.

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So, to find out if Sora will actually be the final DLC fighter, or if this is just an extremely lucky troll, you’ll have to tune into Sakurai’s final Smash presentation to find out on October 5.

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