How to get Holiday Kabuto Helmet for free in Roblox

Holiday Kabuto Helmet Cover ArtRoblox Corporation / Dexerto

For a limited time only, visitors to the Avatar Shop on Roblox may pick up a free head item. The Holiday Kabuto helmet is a festive, stylish, and collapsible accessory that gives its wearer an exotic appearance. Here’s how you can obtain it.

Roblox accessories are one of the most sought-after virtual commodities among players, who use them to personalize their in-game avatars and flaunt their creations to their peers. Sometimes, in-game Robux may also be used to purchase these add-ons from the Avatar Shop.

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Several Roblox accessories have gained immense popularity over the years because of their high market value. While some of them can be rather costly and are often purchased by collectors, players who just want to enjoy Roblox’s free-to-play model can take advantage of the free items that are occasionally available in the game.

In place of a celebration, time-limited event, or even a partnership with a pop culture brand, the developers often provide these free items. The Holiday Kabuto Helmet is one such item in the Avatar Shop that Roblox users may redeem now.

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Holiday Kabuto Helmet Listing in the Avatar ShopRoblox Corp
Players can get the head accessory by heading over to the Avatar Shop

Redeem the free Holiday Kabuto Helmet in Roblox Avatar Shop

Roblox users may now visit the Avatar Shop to claim the free Holiday Kabuto Helmet that adds a beautiful, exotic touch to their avatars’ appearances. You may purchase this free head accessory from the Avatar Shop, starting from April 24 to May 8, 2023.

  1. Visit the Avatar Shop on Roblox.
  2. Search for the item by name.
  3. Click on the green “Buy” button to add it to your collection.

Once you’ve done that, the item will appear in your inventory, and you may use the Avatar editor to give it to your character. However, you can also check how it appears on your Avatar by clicking the “Try On” and “3D” buttons located on the item’s listing in the store.

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How to check for more free items in Roblox Avatar Shop

Roblox’s Avatar Shop is stocked with free items that new players may claim. Before diving into an adventure in Roblox’s huge metaverse, users can fully personalize their Avatar down to the smallest detail, from hairstyle to accessories.

Roblox Avatar ShopRoblox Corp
The Avatar Shop consists of several free items that new players can get their hands on

To see whether there are any freebies available in the Avatar Shop:

  1. Go there from the main menu.
  2. In the left pane, choose Price and type “0” as the maximum price before pressing enter.

After doing so, a list of all available free items will appear, and you can easily add them to your inventory and dress your avatar as you see fit. In addition, the Roblox Limiteds, a new set of exclusive items that players may acquire and trade as their worth increases, are now accessible in the shop for free.

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So, there you have it — that’s everything you need to know on how to get the free Holiday Kabuto Helmet in Roblox.

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