“Walmart Land” Roblox metaverse project mercilessly roasted by gamers

Walmart Land Roblox metaverseWalmartInc. | Twitter

Walmart is making a new metaverse venture in the form of Walmart Land, a Roblox experience that gamers are roasting following its announcement.

The metaverse has spawned its fair share of bizarre stories with how many corporations have tried their hand at expanding into the digital property.

Now, Walmart has thrown their hat into the proprietary ring by creating Walmart Land and Walmart’s Universe of Play, bringing the retailer into Roblox.

Players who have visited haven’t held back when it comes to criticizing them for it.

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Roblox Walmart Land got roasted on arrival

A video showing a speech from Walmart’s chief marketing officer gave us an idea of what they were going for with Walmart Land being launched into the metaverse.

The executive described Walmart Land as “making the best of Walmart’s aisles virtual”, followed by saying they “launched Walmart Land with the next generation of customers in mind”.

Players will be able to customize their characters in-game, as well as earn currency to use in Walmart Land to purchase a variety of things. A Twitter user posted the video called it “one of the saddest videos ever created”.

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Speech aside, people have been bombarding an announcement video from an official Walmart Twitter account.

Tweets parodying the announcement have eclipsed the original video’s like count, along with over a thousand quote tweets all commenting on this announcement at the time of writing.

Comments toward the retailer have been brutal, with many joking about shoplifting or the fact that they “don’t even want to go to Walmart in real life“.

This hasn’t been Walmart’s first venture into the metaverse, either. They’ve also tried to create a way to shop with virtual reality. Rather than going in-store to do shopping, it would allow people to shop virtually and have groceries delivered to them.

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