MTG Arena promo codes (October 2022) – How to get free Packs, cards & cosmetics

MTG Arena Promo CodesWizards of the Coast

Magic The Gathering: Arena has brought the long-running card game into the digital realm, and our list of MTG Arena promo codes for October 2022 can earn you some sweet, free XP, cosmetics, Packs, and cards to build your deck with.

Magic The Gathering: Arena has been a CCG fan’s best friend over the last couple of years, allowing players to build decks and test them against opponents from the comfort of their own homes.

The good news is that it’s here to stay, and MTG Arena promo codes are an ideal way to rack up rewards for the cost of nothing. While some contain cards, others have XP, the occasional cosmetic, or even full decks to redeem.

So, whichever MTG Arena promo codes you’re looking for, here are all the ones we’ve found so far to use in October 2022.

Updated September 30, 2022, to add one code. No codes marked as expired.


An image of gameplay in Magic The Gathering ArenaWizards of the Coast
These MTG Arena promo codes could help your strike fear into your opponents.

Magic The Gathering Arena promo codes (October 2022)

Here are all the MTG Arena codes we’ve found so far for October 2022, but be careful – they’re case-sensitive.

Some codes may have expiry dates that haven’t yet been revealed, so be sure to redeem them quickly (thanks to the MTG Fandom). As more are revealed, the below table will but updated accordingly, so be sure to come back often for the latest updates.

Code Reward Expiry Date
PlayDMU (NEW) 3 Dominaria United packs ???
PlayHBG  3 Alchemy Horizons: Baldur’s Gate packs ???
PlayAlchemyNewCapenna  3 Alchemy: New Capenna packs ???
ObscuraConnive Full-color Obscura sleeves ???
RiveteerBlitz Full-color Riveteers sleeves ???
CabarettiAlliance Full-color Cabaretti sleeves ???
MaestroCasualty Full-color Maestros sleeves ???
BrokerShield  Full-color Brokers sleeves ???
PlaySNC 3 Streets of New Capenna packs ???
PlayNEO 3 Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Booster Packs ???
FNMATHOME Random cosmetics pack ???
AlwaysFinishTheJob Riveteers sleeves ???
LevelUp 2,000 XP ???
PlayTheros 3 Theros Beyond Death packs ???
PlayIkoria 3 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths packs ???
PlayM21 3 Core Set 2021 packs ???
PlayZendikar 3 Zendikar Rising Booster Packs ???
PlayKaldheim 3 Kaldheim Booster Packs ???
PlayStrixhaven 3 Strixhaven: School of Mages Booster Packs ???
PlayDnD 3 D&D: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Booster Packs ???
PlayMID 3 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Booster Packs ???
PLAYVOW 3 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Packs ???
InformationIsPower Obscura sleeves ???
CrimeIsAnArtForm Maestros sleeves ???
FunIsntFree Cabaretti sleeves ???
PlayNEOAlchemy 3 Alchemy: Kamigawa packs ???
FNMATHOME Random cosmetics pack ???
ReadTheFinePrint Brokers sleeves ???
SuperScry One copy of Opt (Ixalan) and a card style for it 1st January 2023
ParallaxPotion One copy of Revitalize (Core Set 2019) and a card style for it 1st January 2023
FoilFungus One copy of Deathbloom Thallid (Dominaria) and a card style for it 1st January 2023
ShinyGoblinPirate One copy of Fanatical Firebrand (Rivals of Ixalan) and a card style for it 1st January 2023
SparkleDruid One copy of Druid of the Cowl (Core Set 2019) and a card style for it 1st January 2023
OverTheMoon A stained-glass card style for Arlinn, Voice of the Pack (War of the Spark) 1st January 2023
InnerDemon A stained-glass card style for Ob Nixilis, the Hate-Twisted (War of the Spark) 1st January 2023
ShieldsUp A stained-glass card style for Teyo, the Shieldmage (War of the Spark) 1st January 2023
WrittenInStone A stained-glass card style for Nahiri, Storm of Stone (War of the Spark) 1st January 2023
EnlightenMe A stained-glass card style for Narset, Parter of Veils (War of the Spark) 1st January 2023

How to redeem Magic The Gathering Arena promo codes on PC

Here’s how to redeem your MTG Arena promo codes on the PC application:

  1. Open MTG Arena on your PC or Mac
  2. Click on the ‘Store‘ option at the top of the screen.
  3. In the top-right corner of your screen, click ‘Redeem Code‘.
  4. Type it in, then hit enter.
An image of gameplay in Magic The Gathering arenaWizards of the Coast
With these codes, you’ll be able to take some new packs and cards into play.

How to redeem Magic The Gathering Arena promo codes on mobile

Alas, codes cannot be added through the MTG Arena app on iOS or Android. Instead, you’ll need to visit the game’s official website.

Once there, you’ll need to log in and then select ‘Code Redemption‘ – then you can input your codes and find them once you log back into the game.

Full list of expired MTG Arena promo codes

Below, we’ve listed all of the currently expired codes for Magic: The Gathering Arena. As promos from the above table expire, they will then be moved here:

Code Reward
RockJocks Lorehold college card sleeve
ArtClub Prismari college card sleeve
SwampPunks Witherbloom college card sleeve
MathWhizzes Quandrix college card sleeve
TryKaladesh 1 Kaladesh Remastered booster pack
DebateDuelists Silverquill college card sleeve [2]
COURIERBAT 2000 Gold, 2000 XP, two random cosmetics, three rare ICR
BingoIVMythicChamp 1x Core Set 2020 pack
BroughtBack 2,000 XP
Crumbelina Harmonious Archon Card Style
DelightfulMeadow Happy Little Gathering Plains
ExperimentalOverload 2,000 XP
FiveBonusLevels 5,000 XP
FoodCourt Midnight Clock Card Style
GAMEKNIGHTS Avenging Angels Deck
GOLDENCOMMUNITY 1,000 XP / Cosmetics
HappySwamp Happy Little Gathering Swamp
IslandWilderness Happy Little Gathering Island
MoveMountains Happy Little Gathering Mountain
MythicMagic 3x Mythic cards
OneBillion 1x War of the Spark pack
PARCELMYR 2,000 XP, 2,000 Gold, 2x Card Sleeves, 3x Individual Card Reward
PlayAllegiance 3x Ravnica Allegiance packs
RestorativeBurst 2,000 XP
StarterStyles 5x unique Card Styles, 1x Card Sleeve
ThatsWild Grumgully, the Generous Card Style
TisAScratch Oathsworn Knight Card Style
TreeFriend Happy Little Gathering Forest
ZendikarLands 3x full-art basic lands from Zendikar Rising

What are Magic The Gathering Arena codes used for?

As shown in the tables above, utilizing the free promo codes available is crucial. Not only do they provide you with free cosmetics, like Card Styles to show off your own personal flair, but they also can redeem cards themselves, XP, and even Packs.

Make sure to check back often, as we’ll update you with any new codes as they become available.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about MTG Arena codes for October 2022.

For more promo codes, be sure to check out the rest of our pages for some of the most popular games.

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