List of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl trade codes to get version exclusives

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In Pokemon BDSP, trade codes are a great resource for trainers looking to complete their Pokedex. These codes will help you obtain the opposite version’s exclusives, complete trade evolutions, and obtain all three starters. Here are all the trade codes you can use in Pokemon BDSP.

Like all mainline Pokemon games, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl have multiple version-exclusive species that can only be obtained by trading with other Trainers – something that’s made a lot easier with the help of trade codes.

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These unified codes, referred to as Link Codes in the game, let you meet up with like-minded Trainers online for specific swaps, whether that’s a Chimchar for a Turtwig, or a Brilliant Diamond exclusive for a Shining Pearl exclusive.

Below you’ll find all of the BDSP trade codes you need to get version exclusives, starters, and trade evolutions in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl below, as well as details on how to use the codes if you’re stuck.

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A Trainer looking for a trade using a trade code in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining PearlNintendo
You’ll need to head to the Global Room to use trade codes.

Starter Pokemon BDSP Trade Codes

If you want to obtain the two starter Pokemon you didn’t choose in Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, you can use these trade codes to get them:

Trade Code Pokemon You Have Pokemon You Want
0387-0390 Turtwig Chimchar
0387-0393 Turtwig Piplup
0390-0387 Chimchar Turtwig
0390-0393 Chimchar Piplup
0393-0387 Piplup Turtwig
0393-0390 Piplup Chimchar

Before you trade your only starter Pokemon, you’ll want to breed more of it. You can do this at the Nursery in Solaceon Town, where you’ll need either a female starter or a Ditto to breed with a male starter.

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It’s worth pointing out that it is actually possible to get all three starters without trading, although you’ll need to unlock the National Pokedex first – we’ve got a handy guide to get all of the starters here.

Version Exclusive Pokemon Trade Codes

Some Pokemon only appear in either Brilliant Diamond or Shining Pearl, so these trade codes are designed to help you swap version exclusives:

Trade Code Pokemon You Have Pokemon You Want
0010-0013 Caterpie Weedle
0023-0027 Ekans Sandshrew
0058-0037 Growlithe Vulpix
0086-0079 Seel Slowpoke
0123-0127 Scyther Pinsir
0198-0200 Murkrow Misdreavus
0207-0216 Gligar Teddiursa
0239-0240 Elekid Magby
0246-0371 Larvitar Bagon
0273-0270 Seedot Lotad
0303-0302 Mawile Sableye
0335-0336 Zangoose Seviper
0338-0337 Solrock Lunatone
0352-0234 Kecleon Stantler
0408-0410 Cranidos Shieldon
0434-0431 Stunky Glameow

These trade codes put Brilliant Diamond’s exclusives first, but they’re the same regardless of which version you own. Simply enter the code and find a Trainer who has the version exclusive Pokemon you need.

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Evolution Codes

There are certain Pokemon that can only evolve when traded, often while holding a specific item. You can use these trade codes for trade evolutions in BDSP:

Trade Code Pokemon You Have Pokemon You Want Evolution
0061-0061 Poliwhirl (holding a King’s Rock) Poliwhirl (holding a King’s Rock) Politoed
0064-0064 Kadabra Kadabra Alakazam
0067-0067 Machoke Machoke Machamp
0075-0075 Graveler Graveler Golem
0079-0079 Slowpoke (holding a King’s Rock) Slowpoke (holding a King’s Rock) Slowking
0093-0093 Haunter Haunter Gengar
0095-0095 Onix (holding a Metal Coat) Onix (holding a Metal Coat) Steelix
0112-0112 Rhydon (holding a Protector) Rhydon (holding a Protector) Rhyperior
0117-0117 Seadra (holding a Dragon Scale) Seadra (holding a Dragon Scale) Kingdra
0123-0123 Scyther (holding a Metal Coat) Scyther (holding a Metal Coat) Scizor
0125-0125 Electabuzz (holding an Electirizer) Electabuzz (holding an Electirizer) Electivire
0126-0126 Magmar (holding a Magmarizer) Magmar (holding a Magmarizer) Magmortar
0137-0137 Porygon (holding an Upgrade) Porygon (holding an Upgrade) Porygon2
0233-0233 Porygon2 (holding a Dubious Disc) Porygon2 (holding a Dubious Disc) Porygon-Z
0356-0356 Dusclops (holding a Reaper Cloth) Dusclops (holding a Reaper Cloth) Dusknoir
0366-0367 Clamperl (holding a Deep Sea Tooth) Clamperl (holding a Deep Sea Tooth) Huntail
0366-0368 Clamperl (holding a Deep Sea Scale) Clamperl (holding a Deep Sea Scale) Gorebyss

With evolution trade codes, the expectation is that Trainers will trade the same species and then offer to trade it back straight after. Make sure the Pokemon you’re receiving is holding the right evolution item.

You might notice that Clamperl actually has two different codes – that’s because it can evolve into either Huntail or Gorebyss, depending on which item you give it to hold.

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How to use trade codes

A Trainer using a Trade Code in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining PearlNintendo
Trade codes are just another way to refer to Pokemon’s Link Codes.

If you want to trade with other Trainers using a BDSP trade code, you’ll need to visit the Global Room by pressing ‘Y’ or going downstairs at a Pokemon Center.

Here’s how to trade with other Trainers using a trade code:

  1. Enter the Global Room.
  2. Speak to the nurse and select the ‘Yes, with a Link Code’ option when prompted.
  3. Enter the unique trad code you want to use from the tables above.
  4. Initiate a trade or speak to a Trainer that has a speech bubble above their head.
  5. Select the Pokemon that you wish to trade and confirm.

And that’s everything you need to know about trade codes in BDSP! Remember to trade fairly, follow the rules of each code, and always offer a trade back where appropriate.

Now you know how to use trade codes, check out some of our other Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl guides below:

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