Pokemon player’s Mythical Shiny Catch crowns 10-year obsession

Nathan Ellingsworth
Key art shows several mythical Pokemon

Elusive Shiny Pokemon are a coveted accomplishment, and locating them is no easy feat for most players. However, some fans take the hunt to the extreme, setting sights on catches that take years to complete.

While it’s one thing to try and find a wild Shiny Pokemon, one of the most difficult challenges is a Shiny Legendary, especially those that haven’t always been available in their Shiny form.

One Pokemon content creator has been on a mission for over a decade to find one such elusive Shiny, and they have detailed the long and winding road to finally catching their coveted form. Shiny Catherine recently uploaded a YouTube video discussing this arduous mission to find a Shiny Shaymin, and other fans are loving it.

Detailing the challenge in the video, Shiny Catherine explains that she first played Pokemon games because of Shaymin — dating back to Diamond and Pearl and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky — but the Shiny hunter has had to wait over a decade since then for Shiny Shaymin to become possible to catch.

For anyone unaware, Shaymin is a Grass-type Mythical originally introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. It has also been included in the remakes Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as the open-world entry Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Just like many other Mythical Pokemon, Shaymin is usually Shiny-locked by Game Freak, meaning that players have no hopes of finding a Shiny. However, the adorable multi-formed hedgehog isn’t locked in the Sinnoh Remakes, making it possible to hunt it.

For fans looking to hunt Shiny Shaymin, the recent remakes of the Sinnoh titles are the only way to find it without going back to an outdated game. However, they can only be hunted at the normal odds.

After a lucky Dive Ball throw, Shiny Catherine finally managed to snag the Shiny Shaymin, and both the creator and the comments underneath the video were elated at the Mythical capture.

One comment says, “ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS. A wonderful showcase and story of a gorgeous shiny!” Then a lot of other comments just offered support, like one that said, “Congrats on finally getting a shiny Shaymin! Good for you!” While another added, “Big congrats!!! Shaymin is such a little booper.”

Some people are pointing out that Shiny Shaymin is available in Pokemon Go, though behind a paid ticket.

As one comment explains, “Just saw a preview of a comment saying “or you could just pay money to get the shiny on Pokemon GO” . It’s about the grind and how rewarding it feels to achieve what you have been working for! Congratulations on the Shaymin, Catherine!”

Answering this, Shiny Catherine herself responds by saying, “YEAH like there’s nothing wrong with getting shiny Shaymin with Pokémon Go but that’s not the same since it’s a guaranteed shiny. The surprise of finding a shiny is my favorite thing!”

It’s an amazing achievement, but if you don’t have the patience for this sort of hunt, be sure to check out our guide to the Pokemon Go Glimmers of Gratitude research, as well as the latest season with our full Pokemon Go Shared Skies hub.

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