Best Eelektross moveset in Pokemon Go

Brent Koepp
Niantic / The Pokemon Company / Pixabay

Pokemon Black and White’s Eelektross made its debut in Pokemon Go during the March Charge Up event. Here’s the Unova region Electric-type’s best moveset in the Battle League and Raids.

After years of anticipation, Black and White’s Tynamo was officially added to Pokemon Go during the March 2021 Charge Up event. Through its evolution line, players can now get their hands on the powerful Eelektross in the hit mobile title.

Trainers adding the Gen V creature to their team may be wondering what moves it should learn. Here is everything you need to know to make the Unova region monster competitive in both PVP Battle League and online Raids.

Screenshot of Eelektross evolution line in Pokemon Go.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Unova Electric-type made its debut in Pokemon Go during the Charge Up event.

Pokemon Go Eelektross best moveset

Unlike many Pokemon added to Go, Eelektross is already making an impact in the Battle League. While not the best character by any means, early tests have shown the Unova Electric-type to be a solid choice for both the Great and Ultra League.

With the right moveset, the creature’s heavy attack stat can pack quite a punch. The Gen V character also has access to an interesting selection of moves which give it a decent spread against various types.

Below we will go over the best movset currently available for Eelektross which will make it a strong contender in PVP, as well as in Raids.

Pokemon Go Battle League promotional art.
Niantic / Pokemon Company
Eelektross is already a powerful contender in the Battle League.

Pokemon Go Eelektross best moveset in Battle League

Great League

  • Fast Attack: Spark
  • Charge Attacks: Thunderbolt / Crunch

Without a doubt, Spark is the best fast move for the Unova Pokemon. Its quick energy generation and decent damage output makes it the fastest way to get access to your Charge. Thunderbolt is the character’s best Electric attack, although it takes more energy to pull off than we wish it did.

Those set on bringing Eelketross into the Battle League should absolutely have a second move. We recommend going with Crunch as the move not only hits decently, it also gives you much-needed coverage against Dark and Psychic-type characters.

Ultra League

  • Fast Attack: Spark
  • Charge Attacks: Thunderbolt / Dragon Claw

Not a lot changes in the Ultra League as Trainers will continue to utilize Spark for decent damage and quick energy gains. Due to bulkier Pokemon being used in the UL, it’s important to consider a different strategy for Charge attacks.

While you can still use Crunch, Dragon Claw is also another great secondary option as its low cost is perfect for baiting out shields from opponents. Not only will it give you coverage against Dragon-types, the fast combination will have you forcing Trainers to use their shields up early on.

Master League

  • Fast Moves: Spark
  • Charge Moves: Dragon Claw / Crunch

Unfortunately at the time of writing, Eelektross is simply outclassed in every way in the Master League. We honestly recommend Trainers not use the ‘mon in this tier. However, if the Gen V ‘mon is all that you’ve got then it can still be utilized somewhat effectively.

The reality is that in the ML, the Unova creature isn’t going to be great at damage. In this case, it’s better to use Spark and Dragon Claw. Like mentioned above, this combo will allow you to spam it and bait out opponents shields. Crunch can be utilized for type coverage.

Screenshot of Pokemon Go Raid Boss logo.
Niantic / The Pokemon Company
The Gen V Legendary can also be used in Raids.

Pokemon Go Eelektross best moveset in Raids

  • Fast Attack: Spark
  • Charge Attack: Thunder Bolt / Crunch

It’s still fairly early to tell how Eelektross will fair in PVE. Currently, the Black and White Pokemon is fairly decent in Raids. We recommend sticking with Spark for its quick energy gains, and using Thunder Bolt as its nuke attack.

Niantic will no doubt be giving the popular Gen V creature access to new moves in the future, however at the time of writing players should stick with the above moveset.