10 best Dark-type Pokemon ranked: Umbreon, Yveltal, Absol & more

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The best Dark-type Pokemon offer up strong defenses and tricky offenses that can catch opponents off guard, so we’ve rounded up the strongest ones that you need on your team.

While some trainers prefer adorable Fairy-type Pokemon like Sylveon and Jigglypuff, others go for the more mysterious Dark-types, whether that’s the coolest Eeveelution, Umbreon, or the positively terrifying Darkrai.

Dark-type Pokemon are known for their ability to destroy Ghost-types and Psychic-types, but it’s not enough to simply have any old Dark-type Pokemon on your team — you’ll need the best of the best to rise to the top.

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To help you out, we’ve ranked the 10 best Dark-type Pokemon below, taking into account a range of factors including stat distribution, moveset, performance in battle, mythology, and even how cool their design is. This list has also been updated since the release of Generation 9’s Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

10. Roaring Moon

pokemon scarlet violet roaring moon

If you’re looking for the most brutal Pokemon you can get for your team, look no further than Roaring Moon — a Paradox Pokemon introduced in Gen 9. While Roaring Moon is only available in Pokemon Scarlet version, those who own Violet can find resources online to help get them in their game like these helpful trade codes.

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Roaring Moon is a Dragon/Dark-type with an incredibly impressive 139 base Attack stat. Coupled with its blisteringly fast 119 base Speed stat, this Pokemon will often go first in battle and deal a ton of damage with each hit.

Being a dual Dragon/Dark-type Pokemon does mean it has to watch out for quite a few weaknesses including Fairy, Dragon, Ice, Bug, and Fighting, but it also gives it immunity to Psychic — as well as coverage options for almost any opponent with a great moveset. Moves like Night Slash, Throat Chop, Dragon Rush, and Scale Shot will be invaluable for a Roaring Moon.

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9. Absol

The Dark-type Pokemon Absol

One of the most popular Dark-type Pokemon is Absol, the ‘Destruction Pokemon’ that only appears when a natural disaster is about to happen. Unfortunately, this has led many to believe it’s a harbinger of doom, but it’s actually just trying to warn people.

With a shocking 130 Attack stat and moves like Sucker Punch and Throat Chop, it can deal massive damage. Things only get better when Mega Evolved, with a boosted 150 Attack stat and an impressive 115 Speed stat that gives it potential to knock out opponents before they even get the chance to move.

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8. Umbreon

Dark-type Umbreon in the Pokemon anime

Eeeveelutions will always have a special place in our hearts, and one of the top choices is Umbreon. As well as incredible bulk with 95 HP, 110 Defense, and 130 Special Defense, it has access to the recovery move Moonlight and a few good support moves, which makes it a nightmare to deal with.

Umbreon does struggle with a low 65 Attack stat and 60 Special Attack stat, while a 65 Speed stat is far lower than it has any right to be for such a nimble-looking creature, but with good bulk and some great STAB attacks like Dark Pulse and Foul Play, it’s still got a lot of potential.

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7. Grimmsnarl

Grimmsnarl in Pokemon

Grimmsnarl certainly made an impression when it debuted in Pokemon Sword & Shield, becoming the first (and only) Dark/Fairy-type Pokemon in the franchise. This unique combination leaves it with only two weaknesses, Fairy and Steel, and the ability to take down Dragons, Psychics, and Ghosts.

It’s got a great lineup of STAB moves like Play Rough and Foul Play that make the most of its 120 Attack stat, while the ability to Gigantamax boosts its HP and makes it even more creepy looking than before. Grimmsnarl does suffer from a low 60 Speed stat, but it has enough going for it to balance that out.

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Weavile appearing in the Pokemon anime

Weavile may be the definition of a glass cannon, but it can dish out so much damage that we honestly don’t mind. A dual Dark/Ice typing gives it fantastic coverage options, being able to defeat Dragon, Psychic, Flying, and Ghost-types with standout moves like Ice Punch and Night Slash.

Having such great offensive potential would be useless if it didn’t get a chance to use it, but fortunately, Weavile has a superb 125 Speed stat that means it will get to attack first against the majority of opponents, while a 120 Attack stat contributes to that raw power.

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5. Greninja

GreninjaThe Pokemon Company
Greninja is both swift on its feet and in combat.

Greninja placed third in our top Water-type Pokemon ranking, so it’s not surprising to see it reach the top tiers of our Dark-type Pokemon list, too. Aside from its popularity — it was once voted the world’s favorite Pokemon — and its cool appearance, it’s also a total warrior on the battlefield.

The dual Water/Dark-type creature has a huge 122 Speed stat which means it will often get to attack first, while its hidden ability Protean allows it to become the type of the last move it used, changing its resistances and giving it STAB potential for any move — and it has some great moves.

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4. Hoopa (Unbound)

Pokemon Hoopa Unbound

The Mythical Hoopa becomes a Psychic/Dark-type when it enters its Unbound form, which gives it major offensive potential and only two weaknesses (one of them being Bug, which you don’t really need to worry about), backed up by a ridiculous 160 Attack stat and 170 Special Attack stat.

It does suffer from a low 60 Defense stat, 80 Speed stat, and a lack of type resistances which isn’t brilliant, but those huge attack stats combined with brilliant STAB moves like Psychic and Dark Pulse are undeniably good. Just don’t expect it to last too long on the battlefield.

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3. Tyranitar

The Dark-type Pokemon Tyranitar

For many trainers, Tyranitar is the definitive Dark-type Pokemon, and it’s not hard to see why — it has a brilliant 134 Attack stat and very solid defenses, making it a bulky creature that can deliver show-stopping physical damage with STAB moves like Stone Edge and Crunch.

That’s not to mention its Mega Evolution, which has the highest total base stat of any Dark-type. In this form, that Attack stat rises to a shocking 164, while its Defense becomes 150. As long as you’re not going up against a Fighting-type opponent, Tyranitar is a great addition to any team.

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2. Darkrai

Darkrai appearing in the Pokemon anime

The pure Dark-type Mythical Pokemon, Darkrai, is a shadow-like creature that’s known for inflicting “unending nightmares” on those around it. Aside from being really creepy, it’s also scary on the battlefield, with a huge 135 Special Attack stat and 125 Speed stat that lets it hit hard and fast.

Those stats are put to good use with moves like Dark Void, which puts opponents to sleep, and Nasty Plot, which raises its Special Attack by two stages. Follow this up with powerful STAB attacks like Dark Pulse and Foul Play, and your opponents won’t know what’s hit them.

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1. Yveltal

The best Darkt-type Pokemon Yveltal

With a Pokedex entry as terrifying as ‘the Destruction Pokemon’, the Legendary Yveltal was bound to be a top-tier Dark-type Pokemon. It gets solid bulk with 126 HP and decent defenses, while 131 Attack and 131 Special Attack mean it’s capable of dishing out some huge damage — the best of both worlds.

Yveltal’s standout features are its signature move Oblivion Wing, which combines respectable damage with a significant health boost, and the ability Dark Aura, which increases the power of Dark-type moves to make it a huge threat to most opponents, but especially Ghost and Psychic-types.

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For now, Yveltal is undeniably the best Dark-type Pokemon out there. It will be interesting to see if Scarlet & Violet bring any new competitors to the table!

So there you have it — the best Dark-type Pokemon of all time. While you’re here, check out some of our other guides below:

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