12 best and strongest Electric-type Pokemon ranked: Zekrom, Regieleki & more

Best Electric Type Pokemon ZekromThe Pokemon Company

The best Electric-type Pokemon in the franchise boast some of the most iconic moves and monster designs. But which ones are strongest, and which should you be using?

There aren’t many Pokemon types much stronger than Electric, with monsters like Pikachu, Zapdos, and Voltorb immediately springing to players’ minds when they’re thinking about early additions.

Similarly, Toxtricity, Thundurus, and Zekrom have dominated competitive play since their debuts, continually ranking as the best Electric-types to choose.

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But the question is, which of the lightning lovers are the best? Which ones are the strongest and “most flashy?” Which fits Electric down to the wires and shocks? Here are the best Pokemon from the game‘s most ‘shocking’ type.


The best and strongest Electric-type Pokemon

Screenshot of Legendary Zekrom in Pokemon anime.The Pokemon Company
Zekrom is undoubtedly the best Electric-type Pokemon in the series.

Currently, the best Electric-type Pokemon in the series is Zekrom. While this Legendary sits at the top of our list, there are another 11 Pokemon that are worth adding to your team in any game they appear in.

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Top 12 Electric-type Pokemon

Our top 12 list of the strongest Electric-type Pokemon will help you to add the most electrifying ‘mon to your roster, giving you the ability to fight off even the most powerful opponents.

12. Rotom

RotomThe Pokemon Company
Rotom isn’t a Legendary, but it is a great choice for your team.

Rotom is one of the most unusual Pokemon of all time. It has the ability to turn into five different forms that each have a secondary typing and a top-tier exclusive move, which makes it incredibly versatile.

Perhaps the best feature of Rotom, though, is that all of its forms have the Levitate ability. This grants immunity to Ground-type attacks – which is the only thing Electric-types are vulnerable to. Its defensive stats are pretty decent, too.

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11. Luxray

Luxray in PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Luxray is an Electric-type with the design of a cat.

Luxray has been a fan-favorite Pokemon ever since its introduction in Diamond & Pearl, where it’s considered by many to be an essential team member and the best Electric-type of its generation.

It has a shocking 120 Attack, with the rest of its stats being evenly distributed, and a lineup of brilliant moves including Spark, Thunder Fang, and Crunch. It’s also one of the coolest-looking Pokemon of all time, which definitely helps.

10. Electivire

Electivire in the Pokemon anime series.The Pokemon Company
Electivire brings every element to the battlefield: truly a versatile Electric battler.

Electivire’s strengths come from its versatility. The Electabuzz evolution felt like it never really made the ripples its younger cousin did from Generation 1, and with how much it has in its back pocket, it’s a bit of a surprise.

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The Electric ‘mon comes armed with Thunderbolt, of course, but can use “Flamethrower,” “Focus Blast,” “Earthquake,” and even “Ice Punch” as well. Talk about varied!

9. Tapu Koko

Electric and Fairy-type Tapu Koko in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company
This Electric/Fairy-type Pokemon benefits from a great pool of stats.

Though this Pokemon might not look imposing, it can still prove essential in turning the tide of battle. With a zippy speed of 130 coupled with an attack of 115, Tapu Koko’s resistances to Dark and Flying-types make it a fantastic addition to any team.

Providing a middle-man of sorts, the Pokemon can quickly switch out with the incredibly useful U-Turn, while skills like Roost allow the chance to restore a maximum of half of its HP, reverting any Flying-type opponent to a Normal-type until the end of that turn.

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8. Manectric

Manectric, one of the Electric-type Pokemon in the series.The Pokemon Company
Manectric was a standout Electric Pokemon in Generation III.

Pokemon’s loyal lightning canine Manectric is one of the last “pure” Electric Pokemon since the earliest generations. The Manectric line stars as the third gym aces in Ruby and Sapphire and comes packed with powerful moves: Shock Wave, Thunder Fang, Discharge, Wild Charge, and Thunder.

Manectric was also another early Pokemon to be given a mega evolution late on in the series. While it never had an impact in ranked or competitive, Manectric found its way to trainer’s hearts with its dog-styling and strong playstyle.

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7. Zapdos

Zapdos has been one of the most powerful Electric-type picks since 1996.The Pokemon Company
Zapdos has been one of the most powerful Electric picks since 1996.

The original ‘powerhouse’ Electric Pokemon. Zapdos first appeared in the dazzling Power Plant all the way back in Kanto in 1996, surrounded by Voltorbs, Pikachus, and Electabuzz. The lightning bird even debuted at level 50, and ran rampant with “Thunder.”

There are not many Electric Pokemon ⁠— outside of Pikachu ⁠— that have had the same long-lasting effect as Zapdos. Because the shocking bird could add “Fly” to its arsenal, many young trainers quickly added it to their party and fell in love.

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The Legendary Bird also had a starring role in Pokémon The Movie 2000, showing off its thunderous power. Movie star, Elite Four veteran, ranked champion ⁠— what can’t Zapdos do?

6. Raikou

Raikou, an Electric-type Pokemon in the franchiseThe Pokemon Company
While the bipedal tiger Pokemon has been around since Gen 2, it’s still one of the most powerful Electric-types.

As non-evolving Pokemon, Raikou benefits from a relatively positive set of base stats, but where it really shines is with its lighting-fast Special Attack and Speed stats of 115.

While it benefits from these, its most major fallback is undoubtedly its low defense, which will put the Pokemon in a pinch when faced with attacks suck as Earthquake.

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Despite its low survivability, the Pokemon is a fantastic addition to any team. It can often work well in a tanking position when utilizing skills such as Thunder, which provides a 30% paralysis chance, and also being able to fully restore itself over two turns by using Rest.

5. Thundurus

Thundurus is a real "force of nature" among Electric Pokemon.The Pokemon Company
Thundurus is a real “force of nature” among Electric Pokemon.

Another Electric powerhouse, Thundurus rivals Zekrom for pure strength, especially once it transcends to its Therian Forme. It’s a real ‘force of nature’ to contend with.

Thundurus doesn’t have a huge move pool ⁠— Thunder, Discharge, and Volt Switch are the main moves in its arsenal, but its 580 base stats make sure they pack a punch. In the lore it’s powerful too; it “flies around Unova firing off bolts.”

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4. Regieleki

Regieleki, an electric-type Pokemon in the seriesThe Pokemon Company
Generation 8’s Regieleki has a thunderous base speed of 200.

Swooping in with a truly phenomenal base speed of 200, Regieleki is now the fastest Pokemon in play and is imperative for getting in those quick attacks to damage the opposition. Of course, this comes at the expense of all of the Pokemon’s other stats leaving something to be desired.

With a mere 80 HP and special defense of just 50, its lack of good coverage can often get in its way. However, its electric-type moves are still incredibly powerful, especially when looking at moves like Thunder Cage.

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Regieleki can aid alongside a water-based team, but will often struggle when pitted against ground-type opponents.

3. Zeraora

Zeraora fight with Ash Ketchum in PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Generation 7’s Zeraora was introduced in Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

Pokemon #807, Zeraora is a fantastically powerful Electric-type that dominates by gathering and storing electricity from outside sources before utilizing it in battle.

With a speed of 143, this fighter will zip through battles dazzling its foes, but its lackluster defense comes at the cost of its quick-wittedness to act.

Because of this, the Pokemon will often have to resort to utilizing Life Orb often for its damage output, thus tanking its ultimate survivability when it comes down to keeping it in play.

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2. Ampharos

Ampharos packs a mean Electric punch throughout the generations.The Pokemon Company
Ampharos packs a mean Electric punch throughout the generations.

There weren’t many Electric Pokemon added to the first Pokemon sequel, Gold and Silver, but the Ampharos line ⁠— starting with Mareep and going through Fluffy ⁠— was a great one.

As an aside, Ampharos is this writer’s all-time favorite Pokemon, and has been since their first playthrough in Pokemon Gold back in 1999, but that isn’t going to bias #181’s inclusion in the list; Ampharos is absolutely in here on its own merit.

At just 55 Speed, it is a bit of a lumbering fighter, but what it lacks in quickness it more than makes up for with the punch it delivers once it gets there.

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Ampharos has an incredible 115 Special Attack, boosted to 165 when in “Mega” form, which can make its powerful Electric moves (Zap Cannon, Thunder Punch, Thunder) and its special moves like Dragon Pulse, all the more lethal.

1. Zekrom

Zekrom may well be the most powerful Electric Pokemon in the series.The Pokemon Company
Zekrom may well be the most powerful Electric Pokemon in the series.

While Zekrom is technically Dragon first and Electric second, it’s worth considering the sheer-black fifth-generation game mascot is the only other Electric-type to appear on a title’s box art outside of Pikachu.

On top of that, which other ‘mon can “scorch the world with lightning”? Not many, that’s for sure. Zekrom is powerful, in the lore, and in action as well. The cover star boasts a whopping 680 stats, 150 of which are slotted into his Attack. It also is one of the only Pokemon that can learn “Bolt Strike,” a 130-power Electric move.

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Zekrom spent much of its life reigning over competitive too ⁠— when it wasn’t banned from play. Pokemon #644 is arguably the strongest Electric monster ever to appear in the franchise thus far.

So, there you have it – 12 of the best Electric-type Pokemon you should be using in the franchise.

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