What is the new Pokemon Sleep app?

Paul Cot
Pokemon sleep

Pokemon Sleep is finally releasing after several years of speculation. Here’s everything that we know about the application.

During the Pokemon Day 2023 live stream, the franchise announced several exciting updates. Those included the Scarlet & Violet DLC, Pokemon Concierge, and Pokemon Sleep. The latter application will work together with Pokemon Go Plus+, with both having a Summer 2023 release date.

Pokemon Go Plus+ allows players to automatically catch Pokemon in spin Pokestops. The device pairs with your mobile phone via Bluetooth and the Pokemon Go app.

Additionally, you can use the Pokemon Go Plus+ with the sleep-tracking game. Here’s everything we know about the anticipated application.

What is Pokemon Sleep?

An image of Pikachu, a Pokemon you can get in Pokemon Sleep.

Pokemon Sleep is a free application that grants users higher scores based on their hours of sleep. In the morning, your sleep style will reward you with different Pokemon gathering around a Snorlax.

The four sleep styles are as follows:

  • Grounded-tail Sleep: Charging your phone while you sleep.
  • Blinking-tail Sleep: Leaving your screen on while you sleep.
  • Flattened Sleep: Placing your phone face down while you sleep.
  • Atop-Belly Sleep: Keeping your phone by a pillow while you sleep.

In addition to tracking your rest, the application also records noises you make while you’re asleep. Specific Pokemon will be drawn to your “sleeping noises” so check your findings in the morning. The game automatically deletes the audio after 24 hours.

Each time you complete a sleep routine, you will receive a Stamp. The more Stamps you earn, the better rewards you can get.

How to download Pokemon Sleep

Currently, the application is only available in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Latin America as well as select countries in Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. We will update this article once it launches in more locations. Once it releases in your area, you can download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.

How to pair with Pokemon Go Plus+

To pair your Pokemon Go Plus+ with Pokemon Sleep, you’ll want to use your Go account to sign into Sleep. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Switch on your Pokemon Go Plus+ device.
  2. Load up Pokemon Sleep.
  3. Click Main Menu.
  4. Select Settings and More.
  5. Click Pair a Device.
  6. The app will scan for Pokemon Go Plus+.
  7. If successful, the sleep icon on the main menu will turn into Go Plus+.

By using your Pokemon Go Plus+ with the application, you can let Pikachu know your bedtime and wake-up time. Therefore, the Electric mascot will act as your alarm clock in the morning and sing you a lullaby at night.

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