Pokemon Go Plus: how it works & where to buy in 2021

pokemon go plusNintendo / Niantic

The Pokemon Go Plus is an essential accessory for Pokemon Go players who walk around a lot, especially during Spotlight Hours and Community Days. Here’s everything you need to know.

One of the necessary activities in the hit mobile game, aside from catching Pokemon, is spinning PokeStops for Poke Balls, Berries, and Eggs. Unfortunately, we all know the feeling of missing one because we’re unable to get our phones out at that moment. But what if there was an item that could spin it for you?

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Luckily, there is – the Pokemon Go Plus. The handy tool is a bracelet of sorts (or a pin, depending on how you wear it) that vibrates to let you know when a ‘mon is available to catch, and also when there’s a PokeStop in your vicinity. And it even spins it for you so you can keep your phone in your bag (and preserve battery life!).


How the Pokemon Go Plus works

How to connect Pokemon Go Plus to Pokemon Go

The Pokemon Go Plus accessory connects to your mobile device via the Pokemon Go app itself. To pair it with your phone:

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  • Go to the Main Menu and then click Settings
  • Tap on “Pokemon Go Plus”
  • Press the button on the accessory until it flashes
  • Your Go Plus should appear in the “Available Devices” list in Pokemon Go
  • Click it and it will pair
pokemon goPixabay
You can catch Pokemon with Pokemon Go Plus.

How to catch Pokemon with Pokemon Go Plus

Catching ‘mon with the accessory is easy. The only caveat is that it only uses Poke Balls – you can’t use Great or Ultra Balls with it, unfortunately.

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  • When a Pokemon you’ve already caught before is nearby, the bracelet will vibrate and flash green
  • If it’s one you haven’t got in your Pokedex, it’ll flash yellow
  • Hit the button on the Go Plus and the lights will pulsate white
  • If the catch is successful, it’ll vibrate again and flash multiple colors
  • If unsuccessful, it’ll light up red
pokemon go plus menuNiantic / The Pokemon Company
You connect the game to the Go Plus directly through the app.

How to spin PokeStops with Pokemon Go Plus

  • The Go Plus will automatically vibrate and flash blue when it detects you’re in the vicinity of a PokeStop.
  • Hit the button on the accessory and it will spin the Stop for you and collect items.

How to hatch Eggs with Pokemon Go Plus

The peripheral tracks your steps like a pedometer, meaning you don’t need to have your phone open when you walk in order to increase the kilometers on your Eggs.

That’s the beauty of it – just simply walk while wearing the bracelet and your Eggs will hatch in no time at all!

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pokemon go plusWikimedia Commons
The button lights up depending on the action.

Where to buy Pokemon Go Plus

Despite the Pokemon Go Plus releasing in 2016, it is still available for purchase in both the United States and the United Kingdom – though it is mainly from third-party sellers. Here’s where you can buy it:



Third-party Pokemon Go Plus

pokemon go plus megacom gotchaGo-tcha / Megacom
The official wristband isn’t the only option.

Third-party versions of the Pokemon Go Plus exist that work just as well if not better – and they’re more readily available too. There are two popular ones: the Go-tcha and Megacom.

The Go-tcha has a line of different products, such as wristbands and a keyring, and they’re different from the Go Plus in that you don’t need to press any buttons in order to spin PokeStops or catch Pokemon. They’re also rechargeable so no batteries are needed here.

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As for the Megacom, it’s pretty much the same as the other third-party option except you do need to replace the batteries every month or so, depending on how often you use it. Both are easily found online on sites like Amazon, and although they are more expensive than the official wristband, you could argue that it’s worth the splurge because of the hands-free features.

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