How to get & use a King’s Rock in Pokemon Go

Cassidy Stephenson
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The King’s Rock is one of the first evolutionary items that appeared in Pokemon Go. If you’re looking for one to transform a particular species, here’s how to get and use the King’s Rock in Niantic’s game.

In order to catch every creature in Pokemon Go, players must use different methods, including the evolution process. Evolutions can be triggered using only Candy, but some particular cases require Buddy tasks or special items.

One of those special items is the King’s Rock, which was introduced into the franchise in the Gen 2’s Gold & Silver games. So if you’re looking for one in the mobile game, here’s where to find it and which Pokemon can be evolved with it.


How to get a King’s Rock in Pokemon Go

There are several ways to obtain a King’s Rock in Pokemon Go, but most of them rely on luck. These are the current ways players can get a King’s Rock in the game:

It’s worth noting that players who spin PokeStops for seven days will be guaranteed an evolutionary item.

Which Pokemon need the King’s Rock to evolve?

There are only two Pokemon that need the help of the King’s Rock in order to evolve in the game:

PoliwhirlPoliwhirlPolitoedPolitoed100 Candy
SlowpokeSlowpokeSlowkingSlowking50 Candy

How to evolve a Pokemon with the King’s Rock in Pokemon Go

To evolve your chosen Pokemon with the King’s Rock, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Click the Poke Ball icon displayed at the bottom-middle of the screen.
  • Select ‘Pokemon’ to open your collection.
  • Find the creature you want to evolve and tap on it.
  • Make sure you have a King’s Rock and enough Candy to evolve it.
  • Select ‘Evolve’ which should be listed underneath ‘Power Up’.

Your chosen Pokemon will now use the item to evolve, and it will be ready to send out in battle.

All evolution items in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has eight evolutionary items that are required to evolve specific species in the game:

That’s everything you need to know about obtaining and using the King’s Rock in Pokemon Go. Remember to check our guides on how to get Best Buddy statushow IVs & CP work in the game, and some of our rankings like the Best Competitive Pokemon in Pokemon Go or the Best Mega Evolutions.

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