How to get a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

Ava Thompson-Powell

Sun Stones in Pokemon Go can help you evolve quite a few creatures, including Cottonee, into their final form. Here’s how to get them and which Pokemon need them to evolve.

Evolution Items have always been quite hard to find in Pokemon games, but in Pokemon Go, Niantic has made them even more difficult to get as there’s not a specific place to visit to find them like in the mainline games.

If you’re trying to find a Sun Stone to allow you to evolve the likes of Cottonee, Gloom, Lilligant, or Heliolisk into their final forms in the game, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got the details you need below.


Whimsicott, one of the 'mon evolves with a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go
The Pokemon Company
If you fancy snagging yourself a Whimsicott in Pokemon Go, you’ll need a Sun Stone to do so.

How to get a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

Sun Stones can only be acquired by spinning PokeStops and Gyms (and occasionally as Field Research rewards). With a measly 1% drop rate, getting your hands on one of the stones is a pretty difficult task.

Matters are made worse by the fact that they drop alongside the game’s other Evolution Items, meaning your chances of getting one are even slimmer as you could end up with a different item instead.

Here are our tips to getting a Sun Stone fast:

  • Spin as many PokeStops and Gyms as you can.
  • Visit a popular area where there are a lot of PokeStops, allowing you to maximize the amount you can spin in a short period of time.
  • On the 7-day streak of your PokeStop Daily Bonus, you’ll receive a special Evolution Item. If you’re lucky, it might very well be the Sun Stone!
  • There are sometimes event-exclusive Field Research tasks that reward Evolution Items like the Sun Stone, so keep an eye out for them.

While getting your hands on the Sun Stone isn’t the easiest process in the world, with some time and patience, you might be rewarded.

Aartwork from the anime series showing Bellossom in Pokemon, one of the 'mon you need to use a Sun Stone on to evolve.
The Pokemon Company
You’ll need a Sun Stone to get a Bellossom in Pokemon Go!

All Pokemon that evolve with a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go

These are the Pokemon that need a Sun Stone to evolve in Pokemon Go:

Pokemon Requirements Evolution
Cottonee from Pokemon Go, one of the 'mon to evolve with a Sun Stone
Cottonee  50 Cottonee Candy & Sun Stone  Whimsicott
Gloom, a Pokemon that evolves with a Sun Stone in Go
Gloom 100 Oddish Candy & Sun Stone  Bellossom
Bellossom Pokemon Go
Helioptile 50 Helioptile Candy & Sun Stone Heliolisk
Petilil in Pokemon Go, a 'mon that needs a Sun Stone
Petilil 50 Petilil Candy & Sun Stone Lilligant
Lilligant, a Pokemon that evolves with a Sun Stone in Go
Sunkern, a Pokemon that evolves with a Sun Stone in Go
Sunkern 50 Sunkern Candy & Sun Stone Sunflora

Thankfully there aren’t a lot of Pokemon that need the Sun Stone in order to evolve, so you won’t need to find too many of the rare Evolution Items to get them all.

Each one will also require a certain amount of Candy to evolve, with Gloom requiring slightly more to evolve it into Bellossom.

How to evolve Pokemon with Sun Stones

To evolve your chosen Pokemon with a Sun Stone once you’ve met the above requirements, all you need to do is follow these steps:

  • On the Pokemon Go app, click the Poke Ball icon displayed at the bottom-middle of the screen.
  • A menu will open. Select ‘Pokemon‘ to open your Pokedex.
  • Find the creature you’d like to evolve and select it.
  • On the next window, you’ll see ‘Evolve‘ displayed underneath ‘Power Up‘ if you meet the requirements. Select that.

That’s it! Your Pokemon will now use the Sun Stone to evolve, and your new evolution will be ready to utilize in battle!

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about how to get a Sun Stone in Pokemon Go.

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