Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024: Tips and tricks

Nathan Ellingsworth
Key art for Pokemon Go shows several Pokemon

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as Pokemon players all around the world are getting ready to celebrate Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024. A whole weekend of celebrations, featuring a slew of exciting spawns for regular players and ticket-holders alike, it’s going to be wild.

This event only comes around once a year, so eager players may want to get their inventory and their wallets ready to catch dozens upon dozens of those pesky Pokemon. There are quite a few things you can do to make your life easier during those precious few hours the event is live.

So, don’t waste your time – or money – and get ready for Pokemon Go’s biggest event with our tips and tricks for every sort of player. Whether you’re a veteran or a newcomer, there’s something here to help you.

How to prepare for Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024

In-game tips

If you’ve never attended before, Pokemon Go Fest Global can be a very overwhelming event. There’s a tremendous amount of spawns, with many of them being very rare, and of course, there’s the chance to encounter a Shiny Pokemon as well.

If you have purchased a ticket, then the Shiny rate is increased, meaning there are even more Pokemon to catch, and potentially keep in your ever-expanding Pokemon Go Box.

Pokemon Pokeball

Because of this, it’s a great time to think about making plenty of space in your inventory. Great Balls and Ultra Balls are ideal for catching rare creatures, and anyone hoping to spend the weekend playing should ideally have between 100-200 of both. While you can spin Poke Stops to get more, it is better to be prepared.

Poke Balls are less important unless you have one key item – a Pokemon Go auto catcher. If you have either the Pokemon Go Plus or the Pokemon Go Plus+ released for Pokemon Sleep, these items chew through regular Poke Balls like fish swimming through water. Stock up, and get passively catching Pokemon while you Raid.

Berries aren’t quite as important, but you still want a decent stock for those important catches you don’t want to miss. Shiny Pokemon have a much higher chance of being caught, but it is not 100%, so don’t waste any opportunity. Use either a Razz Berry or a Golden Razz Berry, and ideally an Ultra Ball.

Art shows several Pokemon Go berries

In general, you want around 50 or more Razz Berries to help you catch regular spawns, and ideally 50 or more Golden Razz Berries if you’re taking on Raid bosses and hope to bag powerful Pokemon like Necrozma. If you can get more, great, but Golden Razz Berries are very hard to come by.

Similarly, Pinap Berries are great for farming Candy, especially for Pokemon that don’t spawn often, like Larvitar, Bagon, or Beldum. If you hope to evolve powerhouse Pokemon like these, use a Pinap Berry when it makes sense, or use a Silver Pinap Berry on Raid bosses to try and power them up.

If you want to farm some XP and Stardust, then be sure to let off Lucky Eggs and Star Pieces during the event, so try and keep a few of these in your inventory.

Finally, Incense is very important during Pokemon Go Fest Global if you’re a ticket holder. If you’ve paid cash for that precious pass, then certain rare Pokemon can appear but only through Incense. So, stock up, keep your eyes peeled, and you could bag rare monsters like a Shiny Unown, and regional Pokemon such as Maractus, Corsola, and Vullaby.

In-person tips

Pokemon Go Fest Global lands on one of the hottest weekends of the year, so if you are in a warm country and planning to walk around all day, be prepared. We are not qualified to give any medical guidance, so please search online for proper ways to stay cool, and avoid heat stroke or similar illnesses.

Put simply though, if you are somewhere hot then wear light clothes that still cover exposed skin, use plenty of sunscreen, and drink lots of water.

To keep your gameplay going, be sure to bring an external battery for your mobile phone. Similarly, if in a hot country then try to avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight for extended periods, as it can cause heating issues with certain devices. Check your phone’s instructions for more information.

Should you buy a ticket for Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024?

Key art for Pokemon Go Fest 2024 shows several Pokemon

One of the best things about Pokemon Go Fest Global is that players across the world can enjoy the gameplay bonuses whether they pay for a ticket or not.

You can check out our full Pokemon Go Fest Global ticket review for more information, but for now, check out the bonuses offered with both experiences below:

Free Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024 bonuses

  • No Remote Raid limit from Friday, July 12, until Sunday, July 14
  • Lure modules last for an hour
  • Surprise encounters when using Go Snapshot
  • Special Field Research based on the different event habitats

Ticketed Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024 bonuses

  • Increased chance of encountering Shiny Pokemon
  • Up to 9 free Raid passes from spinning Poke Stops and Gyms
  • 2x friendship damage bonus in Raids
  • Up to six special trades can be made a day
  • Special 7km Eggs are available
  • Special habitat-themed collection challenges are available, to level up your Elite Collector medal
  • Hourly challenges for all ticketed Trainers, which reward special bonuses when completed

If you want more details on the subject, check out our guide covering should you buy a ticket for Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024.

New Pokemon at Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024

Pokemon Go Necrozma

There are dozens of great Pokemon to catch at Go Fest Global, but while it would be ideal to catch everything, it can be good to prioritize.

If you want to fill out your Pokedex or grab some new Shiny Pokemon, the following Pokemon are the newest additions to Pokemon Go, with some debuting specifically at Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024:

As well as being able to catch Necrozma, Trainers that already own Solgaleo or Lunala will also be able to use Fusion Energy to fuse these Pokemon and get Dusk Mane and Dawn Wings Necrozma

That’s all we have for our Pokemon Go Fest Global 2024 tips and tricks guide, but if you’re getting ready to enjoy the celebrations, be sure to check out our guides covering how to get more Poke Balls, and start earning rewards now with the Pokemon Go Fest Global Early Access Eggs-travaganza.

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