Pokemon Go Cosmoem evolution: How to get Solgaleo & Lunala

Solgaleo Lunala Pokemon GoNiantic/The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Go Astral Eclipse event brings Sun & Moon legendaries Solgaleo and Lunala into the game, but how do you get them? Here’s everything we know.

Niantic has revealed what may be the last major event during the Season of Light, Astral Eclipse. It is expected to bring the “A Cosmic Companion” Special Research to a close.

Doing so, however, involves the debut of Sun & Moon legendary Pokemon Solgaleo & Lunala, and both require special conditions to achieve the evolution.

Here’s everything we know about how to get Solgaleo and Lunala in Pokemon Go.

How to get Solgaleo and Lunala in Pokemon Go

In the main series games, Solgaleo and Lunala were exclusive to their own games (Sun & Moon respectively), but what happens when both are available in Pokemon Go?

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  • To evolve Cosmoem into Solgaleo, you must have 100 Cosmog Candy and evolve during the day.
  • To evolve Cosmoem into Lunala, you must have 100 Cosmog Candy and evolve at night time.

Both evolutions will require 25 Cosmog Candy to evolve Cosmog into Cosmoem before evolving Cosmoem into one of its final forms.


As Cosmog has yet to spawn in the wild, there are only two ways to acquire candy for the nebula ‘mon.

Completing tasks in the ‘A Cosmic Companion‘ Special Research quest. So far, players have had the ability to receive 75 Cosmog Candy, with more expected to come in the Astral Eclipse event.

You can also set Cosmog or Cosmoem as your buddy and walk, but you’ll have to travel 20km just to earn one Cosmog Candy so it’s not the most productive method.

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Either way, trainers shouldn’t have any issue getting the candy needed to evolve into Solgaleo or Lunala.

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