How to get Wooloo in Pokemon Go & can it be Shiny?

Chris Studley
Wooloo in Pokemon Go

Wooloo was added to the national Pokedex in the Galar region, and here’s a look at how Pokemon Go players can find the sheep Pokemon.

Added to the world of Pokemon in 2019, Wooloo is a sheep Pokemon that can be easily found in the Sword and Shield games and evolves into Dubwool.

Both Wooloo and Dubwool are in Pokemon Go, as trainers can add the former to their team and grow it into a strong Pokemon.

Here now is a look at how to get Wooloo in Pokemon Go, plus whether trainers can find a Shiny version of it in the wild.

Pokemon Go Spotlight Hour Wooloo

How to get Wooloo in Pokemon Go

Normal-type Wooloo can be found in the wild in Pokemon Go. However, this Pokemon is usually found in the wild during special events, like Special Research or Spotlight Hours.

For example, Niantic increased the spawn rate for Wooloo in Go during the Catching Some Z’s event that went live in July 2023. Thus, it’s wise to take advantage of an opportunity to add Wooloo to the collection.

Additionally, Go Battle League participants can encounter a Wooloo at Level 16 or higher.

Can Wooloo be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Unfortunately, there is no Shiny version of Wooloo in the mobile game. Even though Wooloo was added to the Go Pokedex in 2021, a Shiny version of this creature has not been made available yet in the mobile game.

There is no official date as this moment, with regards to when Niantic will release the Shiny version of Wooloo into Go.

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