Can you get a Shiny Scraggy in Pokemon Go?

Shiny Scraggy in Pokemon GoNiantic

Scraggy is a pretty rare and popular Pokemon in Pokemon Go, but can it be Shiny? Let’s find out.

Referred to as the Shedding Pokemon in the Pokedex, Scraggy first appeared in Pokemon Black & White’s Unova region on the Nintendo DS. It then went on to make its Pokemon Go debut in 2020.

Scraggy is a great Pokemon to catch in Pokemon Go, especially because its evolution Scrafty – which is available with just 50 Candies – is a top choice for both the Great League and the Ultra League.

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Being such a sought-after Pokemon, you might be wondering whether or not Shiny Scraggy is available to catch in Pokemon Go. Before you spend hours hunting one down, here’s your answer.

Scraggy in the Pokemon animeThe Pokemon Company

Is Shiny Scraggy in Pokemon Go?

The bad news is that Shiny Scraggy is currently unavailable to encounter in Pokemon Go.

Having said that, Scraggy’s Shiny variant isn’t really that great anyway. It falls firmly into the ‘Why even bother?’ category as its appearance (which you can see at the top of this page) barely changes.

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If you are desperate for a Shiny Scraggy, though, it hopefully shouldn’t be too long of a wait for it to make its debut, as it’s now been over three years since regular ol’ Scraggy first appeared in the game.

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