Best Klefki Tera Raid build: How to solo Greninja with Stored Power

klefki pokemon scarlet

Unrivaled Greninja is in seven-star Tera Raids for a limited time, and this Klefki build will make Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s newest challenge a breeze, thanks to Stored Power.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s post-game is almost entirely made up of Tera Raiding. Despite a brief retreading of gyms and a short tournament, the bulk of the gameplay after the credits roll is found in Tera Raiding.

As such, Game Freak continues to put on special events featuring starter Pokemon from previous generations. These have included Charizard and Cinderace thus far. And Poison Tera Type Greninja is on the horizon as the next extremely difficult 7-star challenge.

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During the Cinderace raids, players heavily favored the Slowbro Stored Power build that could take out the boss on its own. And this Kelfki build is nearly identical, allowing players to destroy 7-star Greninja without much thought.

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Best Klefki build for Greninja Tera Raids

Up front, you should only use this build when playing solo, as it isn’t optimized for team play. Since NPCs don’t widdle the clock down when they die and online play can be random, it’s best to use other Pokemon (or a different Kelfki build) when Tera Raiding online.

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For Stored Power Klefki, players will want to boost their Defense to +6 and their Special Attack & Special Defense up to +3. This is done by using Iron Defense three times, followed by Calm Mind three times. This then boosts the damage of Stored Power, allowing players to easily defeat Greninja.

Klefki, being Steel-type, won’t take damage from any of Greninja’s Tera-boosted Poison moves. It can also use Sunny Day to cut Greninja’s Water damage down or use Reflect to negate any incoming physical damage. With the Prankster ability, Kaleki’s status moves are given priority, and the Twisted Spoon held item would boost the power of its Psychic moves.

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PokemonLevelMovesetHeld ItemAbilityNatureEVs & IVs
100– Iron Defense– Calm Mind– Stored Power– ReflectTwisted SpoonPranksterCalmHP & Special Defense

Best Klefki moveset

  • Iron Defense – learned via TM
  • Calm Mind – learned via TM
  • Stored Power – learned via TM
  • Reflect – learned via TM

That’s everything you need to know about Klefki in Greninja Tera Raids! Check out more Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guides below:

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