Best Minecraft toys 2023: Lego, Creeper Plush & more

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Immersing yourself into the world of Minecraft has never been easier with the variety of toys available. But the search can sometimes feel as tricky as mining for diamonds. So, we’ve got the best Minecraft toys for kids and adults right here, from a Minecraft plush, action figures, Funko Pops, and Lego sets.

It’s no secret that Minecraft has been constantly rising in popularity with the new 1.20 update and features. Such popularity has left fans itching for a chance to bring the game’s unique style out of the screen and into their homes with some fantastic Minecraft toys.

However, scoping out the best Minecraft toys in 2023 can feel like trying to find a Nether Fortress without a map. The options are vast, and let’s face it – it’s a maze out there.

So, we’ve handpicked the best Minecraft toys for 2023. Whether you’re an aspiring collector, looking to build your own Minecraft masterpiece, or just a fan wanting to adorn your shelves with some iconic Minecraft mementos, we’ve got something for you.

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Best Minecraft toys in 2023

Buying gifts or toys for any occasion can be really tough, especially when someone is a huge fan of a franchise as large as Minecraft. With hundreds of unique Minecraft toys and gifts, the search can often feel neverending. So, we’ve compiled some of the best gifts you can buy to ease up some of that tiresome searching and shopping.

Steve Night Light

Steve NightlightMojang / Amazon
Light up the night with this Steve Night Light.

Steve is the classic face of Minecraft and is a favorite among Minecraft players. So why not purchase a brand new Steve lamp to help keep those creepers and skeletons away? This has a great discount and would make a wonderful gift for any Minecraft fan needing a new light for their room.

Minecraft Switch Game Card Case

Minecraft switch caseMojang / Amazon
Store your favorite Minecraft games in this awesome case.

Typically, most Minecraft fans are avid gamers and enjoy exploring other titles like Minecraft Dungeons or Stardew Valley, making this Minecraft-style game case a fantastic gift. Be it that they’re a Minecraft or a Nintendo Switch fan (or both!) they will be sure to love this gift.

Minecraft Nerf Sabrewing Bow

Minecraft bowMojang / Amazon
Fight the zombies with an awesome bow.

This is an unbelievably cool Minecraft toy for a kid or any adult who loves a good old Nerf fight. It combines the legendary Minecraft Bow with a motorized blaster, meaning you can take down the enemy using a painless but extremely fun foam dart.

Minecraft Secretlab Gaming Chair

Minecraft chairMojang
Play Minecraft in style with this chair.

While it may be a more expensive gift, whoever you buy this highly-rated chair for will forever be thanking you. The Secretlab Titan Evo is stylish, comfortable, and arguably an elite gaming chair. That and it comes with an awesome Minecraft design.

Enderman Figure

Minecraft figureMojang / Amazon
Collect the latest Minecraft action figure.

Endermen are the type of mob to stay completely out of your way unless you look at them funny, then you’re in trouble. Luckily, if you have this Minecraft Enderman Action Figure, that shouldn’t happen.

The Enderman Action Figure is perfect for either budding or experienced collectors. It’s small enough to sit well on a shelf and looks almost exactly like it does in the game. Perfect for any Minecraft fan.

Baby Minecraft Animals

Minecraft baby animalsMojang / Amazon
Create your own adorable farm with these baby animals.

These baby Minecraft animals are great Minecraft toy for kids and adults, mainly because they’re just so adorable. They come in packs of three, sporting baby cows, sheep, and pigs which can all be turned into adults if you want to.

Any Minecraft toy fan will love collecting or playing with this adorable baby animal toy, which makes them ideal for anyone who instantly goes into Minecraft and starts making a farm.

Minecraft Transforming Pickaxe

Minecraft toyMojang / Amazon
Fight and mine in one with this transforming tool.

For the players who get straight into Minecraft and start exploring caves, particularly in the new Caves update, this is the toy for you. It’s a great Minecraft toy for kids and even better for those who want both a sword and a pickaxe.

The Minecraft Transforming Pickaxe transforms easily and effectively into both a pickaxe and a sword meaning you can act out your mining dreams with ease.

The Llama Village Lego Set

Lego set MinecraftMojang
Minecraft and Lego are a perfect combination for success.

While perhaps on the more expensive side of the cool Minecraft toy, the Llama Village Lego Set is perfect for the creative player, and those looking to display something from their favorite game.

It’s bright, colorful, and comes with some adorable minifigures for you to act out the game in your own home. No matter who this Minecraft toy is for, they will adore it.

The Nether Bastion Lego Set

Minecraft lego setMojang
Explore the nether from your own home with this cool Minecraft toy.

The Nether Bastion Lego Set is the cheaper Minecraft Lego toy you can purchase. It brings the updated Nether style to life and allows Steve to bounce on Magma cubes while avoiding any TNT or other dangers from the mobs around him.

It’s ideal for creative Minecraft players and makes a perfect gift for budding builders or Lego lovers.

Minecraft Creeper Light

Minecraft lightMojang
Brighten up the night with this adorable Night Light.

In Minecraft, few things are worse than hearing the sizzle of a Creeper behind you. Watching as their body expands, just knowing you only have a few hearts and are definitely not going to make it.

Luckily, although this Minecraft Creeper head lights up, it doesn’t sizzle and it definitely doesn’t explode. That being said, it definitely looks cool and can serve as a reading light or a night light for younger Minecraft fans.

Creeper Plush

Minecraft toyMojang
Cuddle the enemy with this Creeper Minecraft Plush gift.

This is another great Minecraft Plush toy that’s ideal for collectors or just someone who loves the chaos of a Creeper. It’s one of the only Creepers we would recommend hugging since it’s super soft and definitely won’t blow up on you.

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The Minecraft Creeper Plush is small, soft, and so cuddly, making it ideal for younger fans or for collectors of Minecraft plush toys.

Minecraft: The End hardcover book

Minecraft toyMojang
Read into the realms of Minecraft with this book.

One of the best aspects of Minecraft is the fact that you can fully immerse yourself in the game. Despite it having a story, you feel part of the world and feel like you are making it your own.

If you love being immersed in Minecraft why not try following someone else’s story that’s set within this already wonderful lore? Minecraft: The End is a fantastic book and has an age range of 8 – 12 years old.

Minecraft Smart Watch

Minecraft toyMojang
Take photos, tell the time, and show your passions.

Tell the time and express your passions with the Minecraft Accutime Kids Smart Watch.

This watch is a great Minecraft toy for kids and introduces the time, their passions, and plenty of other elements that most Smart Watches come with. You can take photos, set alarms, use a calculator, play games, and count your steps with this great Minecraft toy.

Minecraft Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game

Minecraft toyMojang
Explore Minecraft in the real world with this board game.

The Builders & Biomes Strategy Board Game is a perfect Minecraft toy for kids, adults, or anyone who loves board games as a whole.

It involves strategy, teamwork, and a great knowledge of the game itself, which makes it an ideal present for any Minecraft fan.

Minecraft Baby Fox Light

Minecraft toyMojang
Bring the adorable fox to your home with this cool Minecraft gift.

If you’re looking for an adorable desk light, night light, or just something to light up your room, the Minecraft Baby Fox Light is the perfect gift for children, adults, or yourself.

It’s an adorable light-up sleeping fox that will fit perfectly in any location you require, lighting up to provide a warm glow over whatever you need.

Minecraft Mob Head Minis Advent Calendar

Minecraft christmas giftMojang / Amazon
Open a new Minecraft toy every day with this advent calendar.

Just because it’s no longer the Holidays doesn’t mean you can’t buy an Advent Calendar. Whether it’s preparing for the end of 2023, counting down towards something special (like the upcoming Minecraft Legends or the soon-to-arrive 1.20 update), or just opening the awesome gifts inside, this Calendar is perfect.

It’s a collector’s ideal present holding different Minecraft Mob Head mini-figures, accessories, and landscapes meaning you’ll be able to create your ideal world from the comfort of your own home.

Minecraft Skeleton Funko Pop

Minecraft Skeleton Pop FigureMojang
While cuter than the average Skeleton, this toy is an equally as cool Minecraft figure.

Funko Pops are fantastic for collectors and contain a plethora of unique designs to show off, especially cute ones like this adorable Minecraft Skeleton.

It comes in at an affordable price and is a perfect gift for those looking to start or add to their Funko Pop collection, and don’t worry, this one won’t pop out from behind a tree and shoot you with an arrow.

Cuutopia Minecraft Plush Set

Minecraft plush giftWalmart / Mojang
Stack up or just cuddle these adorable Minecraft plush gifts.

These cute toys are among the best Minecraft gifts from Walmart. Coming in a set of four adorable plush toys, the Cuutopia Minecraft gifts make a perfect gift for a kid or an adult due to their softness and displayable nature.

You can stack them up or just cuddle the adorable Chickens, Pigs, Creepers, or the legendary Steve. Either way, these are fantastic Minecraft plush toys for any kid or adult.

Minecraft Jibbitz pack

Minecraft crocsMojang
Deck your Crocs out in style with these Jibbitz.

With the recently announced collaboration between Minecraft and Crocs, it just makes sense to start stocking up on some awesome Jibbitz to help really deck your new shoes out with some awesome Minecraft pins.

Filled with Steve, adorable Witches, Endermen, and all the mobs you’ll need, you can show off your Minecraft passions in style.

Minecraft Warden Action Figure

Minecraft figure WardenMojang / Amazon
Enjoy the Warden with this awesome Minecraft figure.

Minecraft action figures are undeniably on the list of the coolest Minecraft toys in 2023, and the fact that it’s the Warden makes it even better.

With this Minecraft action figure, you can display or play with one of the scariest creatures in Minecraft, all while enjoying the battle sounds and lights. This cool Minecraft toy is ideal for both kids and adults alike.

Those are all the best Minecraft plush toys, Legos, Funko Pops, and more for 2023. While waiting for your purchase to arrive, check out our Minecraft hub for more news and guides:

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