Best Minecraft mods on CurseForge: Skyblock, Pokemon, more

Jessica Filby
Minecraft looking into a cave with the CurseForge Logo

Minecraft mods can make an already fantastic game feel brand new. Here are the best mods to download from CurseForge.

Minecraft is a great game by itself, but there comes a time when everyone gets a little tired of constantly mining or crafting with little goal or variety. This is when they typically come seeking mods.

Whether it’s a complete overhaul of gameplay, new items, or simply a new style to embed over the original game, most people just can’t get enough of a good mod pack.

CurseForge is one of the best places to find and experiment with these mod packs since it allows you to explore a variety of different styles and install them simply to your preexisting Minecraft save.


How to install a CurseForge mod pack to Minecraft

The CurseForge logo
Installing mods from CurseForge only requires a few easy steps.

You can download and play a great Minecraft mod pack in a few easy steps. First, you’ll need to install CurseForge itself and make sure you have Minecraft pre-installed on your PC. Then:

  1. Find the desired mod pack
  2. Click install
  3. Press play

After pressing play the game will start up with the mod pack installed, so make a new world and enjoy.

RL Craft

Minecraft character standing on a tree top
RL Craft is the perfect combination between hardcore and creativity.

RL Craft, standing for Real Life Craft, is what happens when you combine hardcore mode with semi-realism and fantastically tough monsters. If the hardcore style is interesting but you’re looking for a bit more magic or RPG style, then this pack will deliver.

It’s not for the fainthearted but is still a fantastic and entertaining challenge for anyone who wants to play a tough Minecraft mod pack. Grab RL Craft for CurseForge here.

The Pixelmon Modpack

Pokemon around the grass in Minecraft
Pixelmon perfectly combines Pokemon and Minecraft.

Combining Pokemon with Minecraft seems like an interesting combination but one that creature-collecting fans will love. After all, who doesn’t want to mine and create while still being able to catch and battle lovable Pokemon?

Pixelmon has it all and is easily one of the best Minecraft mods out there. It handles the Pokemon and Minecraft crossover fantastically and is ideal for any fan looking for a bit of nostalgia. Grab The Pixelmon Modpack for CurseForge here.

SkyFactory 4

Growing trees in Minecraft SkyFactory
Take Sky Blocks to a new level with SkyFactory 4.

Skyblock Minecraft is a unique take on the game and one that many either love or hate. If you love that style then SkyFactory is a must. It’s a great Minecraft skyblock mod pack that introduces magic, automation, tech, and a variety of worlds to keep you entertained.

It also has unique additions to the game as a whole, like a new prestige system and elements that feel far away from Minecraft without stripping it of its beloved style. Grab SkyFactory 4 for CurseForge here.

Better MC

Better MC cover over Lava and magma
Better MC is basically Minecraft made better.

Mod packs don’t always need to be a complete overhaul of Minecraft itself. Sometimes it can just improve the already fantastic game and introduce elements many fans wish they could have in Minecraft.

Better MC, previously known as Better Minecraft does exactly that. It brings in all the good parts of the recent updates, but implements over 210 different mods.

There are fresh enemies to fight, new bosses to battle, and different dimensions to uncover. It’s the kind of Minecraft mod pack that doesn’t strip the game to an unrecognizable state but still makes it feel brand new. Grab Better MC for CurseForge here.

GT New Horizons

GT New Horizons opening screen
Enjoy engineering and tough battles with GT New Horizons.

If a challenge is what you’re after then GT New Horizons is the mod pack for you. It’s easily one of the hardest Minecraft mod packs out there and often requires you to be a chef, an engineer, and a rocket scientist all at once.

It brings quests, hundreds of new foods to make, with great benefits to eating, space exploration, and fantastically challenging dungeons to top it all off. It’s worth noting that, playing this as a single player is not recommended since actually completing these quests can take an age with a larger group, let alone on your own. Grab GT New Horizons for CurseForge here.

Vault Hunters

Diving into a vault
Explore and loot exciting vaults in the Vault Hunters pack.

Unfortunately, this is not a Fallout Minecraft mod. It certainly takes inspiration but isn’t a complete recreation. Nevertheless, if you struggle to find a purpose in Minecraft this is the mod pack for you.

It takes on an RPG style and gives you a goal to reach, granting boons and awesome loot as you explore the Vaults themselves. It’s unique, extremely fun, and still manages to hold the creativity many know and love. Grab Vault Hunters for CurseForge here.

All the Mods 7

The world of all the mods 7
Explore beautiful worlds with All The Mods 7.

Contrary to its name, All the Mods 7 does not have every mod in existence. However, it doesn’t really need to. This Minecraft mod pack feels like it has it all and so much more.

It introduces quests to keep you on your feet and boasts some stunning landscapes for you to build your ever-expanding base on. It’s also one of the best mods for updates and more introductions. The creator is constantly updating the game itself with a focus on stability, so you never need to worry about your game crashing after an update. Grab All the Mods 7 for CurseForge here.

So, there we have it, some of the best Minecraft mods on CurseForge. In the meantime, why not check out our Minecraft hub for guides and news.

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