Minecraft player finds lucky “ultra rare” block & community can’t work out what it is

Rishabh Sabarwal
Rare Minecraft Snow Grass Block

A Minecraft player has been extremely lucky in finding an ultra-rare block in the game. However, the community can’t figure out what it is yet.

Minecraft’s vast open world is full of surprises and intriguing elements a player can stumble upon during their exploration. With the game’s expanse of biomes and varying geographical blocks, it is rare to come across a gameplay element that defies all rules set by the developers.

These elements are either caused by a game bug or are intended to be a hidden easter egg that only lucky players can find. Similarly, one such player turned out to be lucky when they found an ultra-rare Minecraft block in the snow biome that left the community wondering to figure out what it was.

The player shared a screenshot on Reddit and asked, “What is this block I found? I’ve been playing for like 7 years and I’ve never seen this before.” Looking closely, another player replied, “It’s a snow-covered grass block that didn’t load the snow on top of it. Usually a glitch in the game, but you can get it if an enderman picks up a snow-covered grass block and then puts it down; he doesn’t pick up the snow.”

A third added, “Look at the side. It’s a glitched grass block that “thinks” there’s snow on top of it. It’s apparently extremely rare.” A fourth one commented, “Destroy the whole mountain and build a shrine just for that one block.”

A fifth user said, “If this is legit, I can say that you are one of the luckiest players.” When asked about the Minecraft version the lucky player was using, they answered, “Java 1.20.4 experimental on.”

Finding a Snow Grass block is extremely rare in the Minecraft community, with some players saying there’s a “0.0001% chance” of one player seeing it only 3 times in 11 years in the snow biome. While several players have suggested the lucky user treasure it and build a shrine for it, the user has shared the seed and coordinates with others to check it out themselves.

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