How to make concrete in Minecraft: White and black powder dye recipes

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Concrete blocks in Minecraft can make your next big project truly shine. If you’re wondering how to make concrete in Minecraft from powder, or find out more about its recipe and the dyes available to use, we’ve got you covered. 

Unlike most blocks in the game, Minecraft’s concrete features a whopping 16 dye color options, from white concrete to orange, black, and even pink! As long as you have the required dyes, you’ll be able to customize your buildings with any color you want. Not only does concrete give the player numerous color customization options, but it’s also rather durable. 

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While it won’t beat the toughness of any brick-made structures, it is a decent step up from stone blocks. Whether you’re looking to add a little color to your next building project, or just want something easy to build in a cool seed that you’ve found, Minecraft concrete allows you to do just that.

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White concrete Minecraft Mojang / MCBasic
You’ll need to find some water to make concrete.

How to make concrete in Minecraft

To make concrete in Minecraft, first, you’ll need to create Concrete Powder. You’ll need to find sand, gravel, and obtain a dye of your choosing. Fortunately, these are incredibly easy to acquire and can mostly be found at the start of every new world

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To get your hands on gravel and sand, head to either beaches or sandy biomes for sand, and rivers, oceans, and underground mines for gravel.

Concrete powder Minecraft recipe

Once you’ve obtained the ingredients above, here’s what you need to combine to make concrete powder:

  • Four pieces of sand.
  • Four pieces of gravel.
  • One dye (any color of your choosing).

Once you’ve gathered those materials, place them in the order shown in the picture below. If done correctly, you should now have eight pieces of concrete powder in your inventory!

Minecraft concrete Mojang / MCBasic
Creating concrete powder is a simple process in Minecraft.

How to get concrete blocks in Minecraft

Now that you’ve got your concrete powder on hand, you’ll need to turn it into concrete blocks! Follow these steps:

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  1. Obtain concrete powder. Our how-to above will help you get it in no time.
  2. Once you’ve acquired the powder, simply find a natural body of water on the map.
  3. Submerge the blocks in the water, or right alongside it. 
  4. After doing so, the concrete will turn from a pixelated pattern to a solid color (depending on the one that you choose to make).
  5. That’s it – you can now take that concrete and build with it where you like!

It’s important to note that water can not be sourced from rain, bottles, or cauldrons. In fact, water taken from these sources will have no effect on concrete powder. As a result, it’s often best to find a nearby river or ocean you can place the blocks into. 

White dye concrete MinecraftMicrosoft / YouTube: YouSixGaming
Making white dye can provide you with some fantastic building opportunities.

How to make white concrete in Minecraft

Getting hold of the white dye needed to make White Concrete is also a rather simple process. Two items found throughout Minecraft can be used to make it, so follow these steps and you’ll have white concrete powder ready to turn into concrete in no time! Follow these steps:

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  1. Convert bones found by killing the like of skeletons into Bone Meal through the crafting window.
  2. Players can also use Lily of the Valley to create the dye, only found within the rare Flower Forest biome.
  3. With either of the two items above, repeat the concrete powder recipe steps, and you’ll have some white concrete for building!

How to get black concrete in Minecraft

One of the most popular colors for concrete in Minecraft is the black dye, and obtaining the ingredients necessary to make it requires the help of some underwater friends:

  1. Find squid located throughout many of the game’s biomes and bodies of water such as oceans and rivers.
  2. Kill the squid.
  3. After killing it, you’ll receive an Ink Sac.
  4. Repeat the steps listed above for the concrete powder recipe, but place the Ink Sac in the center.

That’s it! You’ll know have some cool-looking black concrete powder to help you build your next structure.

Grey concrete recipe in Minecraft

To get your hands on Grey concrete, you’ll need to combine the above-mentioned ingredients for both white and black dyes: Bone Meal, and Ink Sacs.

  1. Obtain Ink Sacs and Bone Meal by killing squid and skeletons found throughout the world.
  2. Combine these two items within the crafting window.
  3. Repeat the steps listed above for the concrete powder recipe, but place the grey dye in the center.

Now that you know how to make concrete in Minecraft alongside blocks and dyes, you’ll be able to add even more style to your future builds!

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