What does Depth Strider do in Minecraft? Enchantment boosts explained

Depth Strider GuideMojang

Enchantments are a core component of any Minecraft journey, and players will be seeking out specific ones every time. Depth Strider has emerged as one of the key enchantments players are always seeking! 

Minecraft has stayed among the top played games every year since it was released back in 2011. The game has seen some drastic changes, including the recent Nether changes that have made exploration even better.

One aspect you might seek out towards the later stages of your journey is enchanting. This process is vital for defeating the Ender Dragon and journeying far away from your home village. Depth Strider is one of these enchantments, and one of the most useful.

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Enchanting Table MCMojang
Enchanting items can yield amazing rewards!

What is Enchanting in Minecraft?

The process of enchanting items has remained within Minecraft since it was released, and it is core to players’ gameplay when you can produce an Enchantment Table. Basically, when you surround one of these tables with bookshelves and then place an item on the table, the results will greatly increase the productivity and functionality of your items.

Players are typically lured towards this process as it can greatly benefit items such as your armor, Pickaxe, and Sword. When you place an item in the Enchanting Table it will output around three results, and these are determined based on the number of bookshelves you have around the table, along with a bit of luck.

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Enchant Mojang
Protection and Unbreaking are among the best enchantments

The Enchantment Table uses your player’s level to determine which enchantments you can equip to your item. So, players typically grind for levels before heading to the table with one of their most beloved weapons such as a Diamond Sword.

Certain items can also produce incredible enchantments such as Depth Strider, which we are going to talk about further down below!

How do I make an Enchantment Table?

Crafting an Enchantment Table is the first step you will want to take to obtain the Depth Strider enchantment.

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The materials you are going to need for crafting one of these tables can be deceiving to obtain at first, but are relatively easy when it comes down to it. Players will need to acquire the following materials within Minecraft for this table.

  • 2 Diamonds
  • 4 Obsidian Blocks
    • Can be found within caves, or by placing water on top of lava and can only be broken with a Diamond Pickaxe
  • 1 Book

When you have obtained all of these materials, the crafting recipe will be achieved by placing the Obsidian blocks along the bottom line of the grid, with one block in the middle. Then, place the two Diamonds on the left and right side of the middle Obsidian block. Finally, the book is placed on the middle sector of the top line of the crafting grid!

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Enchantment Table recipe Mojang
Enchantment Tables are vital for Minecraft

What is Depth Strider and what does it do?

Depth Strider is one of the many enchantments players can access through Enchantment Tables. This enchantment is special as it can only be applied to Boots, and its effects can be beneficial for those looking to explore regions they have not ventured yet.

As the Depth Strider enchantment reduces the movement speed penalty applied to players when they are walking in water. As well, the higher-level enchantment Depth Strider is, the less movement speed reduction players will feel.

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The enchantment has three levels, with the last one negating all effects that water has on a player’s movement. So, you can walk through the water at the same speed as you would on land, which is greatly beneficial for players exploring the ocean and trying to find new land.

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