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Groot, NES, Disney Lego sets

Are you on the hunt for the ultimate Lego present for a Marvel, Disney, or Lord of the Rings aficionado? Or perhaps you’re looking to quench your own thirst for a fresh, brick-centric challenge? We’ve got you covered with the most sought-after Lego sets of 2023.

Whether you want to recreate the mystical beauty of Rivendell or assemble Darth Vader from a pile of bricks, Lego sets offer a creative and engaging way to bring your favorite franchises to life. After all, it’s not just about the build – it’s about showcasing your passions, displaying your ingenuity, and immersing yourself in hours of brick-stacking fun.

The allure of these sets doesn’t end with Lego enthusiasts or film geeks. They make monumental presents for anyone who loves gaming, cinema, Disney, and practically anything else in between.

But, considering the multitude of splendid Lego sets available, selecting the best one for yourself or a loved one can be a tad daunting. So, we’ve assembled the best sets in 2023.

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Best Lego sets of 2023

With the popularity of Lego only increasing, many are constantly looking for fantastic Lego sets to buy their loved ones. So, we’ve compiled 16 of the top sets for 2023 to keep your search a little easier and quicker.

Marvel Hulkbuster

Hulkbuster Black Friday deal
Become Tony Stark by building your very own Hulkbuster.

The Marvel Hulkbuster is a fantastic figurine you can build, move around, and display. It even comes with a tiny Tony Stark for scale. This is the perfect gift for any Marvel lover or for yourself.

If you’re a Marvel fan, this is undeniably one of the best lego sets of all time and is a must-buy.

Diagon Alley

Harry potter Diagon Alley lego set black friday deal
Use some magic to buy your very own Diagon Alley Lego set.

Travel down the legendary Harry Potter Diagon Alley with this immersive set. You’ll get to build and display the famous stores where budding wizards and witches stock up on their school supplies.

Along with the famous shops, you’ll also get 14 recognizable minifigures to help reenact any famous scene from the films, or Hogwarts Legacy.

Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block

Super Mario question mark block lego set black friday

Any gamer will recognize the design of a Super Mario Question Mark block and will likely adore having it in their home. Especially when they find out this block can be opened up to reveal scenes from the classic Mario games as well as hidden levels with easter eggs and game references throughout the building process.

With a combination of timely building, an interactive design, and the Mario theme, this is one of the best lego 2023 sets out there.

Optimus Prime

optimus prime lego set black friday deal
The Optimus Prime Lego set is ideal for any Transformers fan.

Whether you’re a car lover or a Transformers fan, you’ll adore the reasonably priced Optimus Prime set. It’s a joy to build and can transform from the legendary robot many know and love into the equally popular truck. The price is exceptionally reasonable, making it a must-have.

The Mighty Bowser

Mighty Bowser lego set
Own the fantastic villain Bowser with this awesome set.

With the release of the new Mario movie coming soon, Bowser is back in the spotlight and is being given a brand new Lego lease on life. However, he hardly needs more publicity, being the main villain of the Super Mario series and an extremely popular figure throughout gaming history. With this awesome set, you can now own the brilliant Bowser for yourself.

The Disney Castle

Disney Castle lego set
An ideal gift for any Disney lover.

Embrace your love for Disney Dreamlight Valley or great Disney films with an official Disney Lego Set in 2023.

The Disney Lego set comes with five mini-figures featuring recognizable Disney characters, each in their classic outfits. It’s worth mentioning that this has just over 4,000 pieces, making the Disney Castle one of the best Disney Lego sets in 2023.

The Daily Bugle

The Daily Bugle Lego Set
A great Lego set for any Spider-man fan.

Any superhero fan will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding great Lego sets in 2023 for adults or children. However, the many choices make it particularly challenging to find the perfect one. Luckily, any fans of Spiderman will adore building and displaying the legendary Daily Bugle.

This set also contains multiple villains, superheroes and so many unique elements. You get Spider-Man, Venom, Miles Morales, and even Spider-Ham with this fantastic Spiderman Lego set.

Botanical Collection: Bonsai Tree

Bonsai tree Lego set
Embrace your Zen with this interchangeable Bonsai Tree Lego set.

While perhaps not the most complicated build in the world, the Bonsai Tree Lego set is one of the best Lego sets for adults or plant-loving children due to its affordability and beautiful design.

Despite its price, the Bonsai Tree is a stunning set that can be changed between rich green leaves or beautiful pink blossoms.

Marvel: I am Groot

I am groot dancing Lego set
Bring the adorable Groot to life with this Marvel Lego set.

Plenty of Lego sets are there to be built and displayed, which isn’t the best for younger children. Luckily, a perfect building toy for young kids in the form of the new Marvel I Am Groot Lego set has been created.

This adorable set is perfect for Marvel fans of any age and comes with movable parts, allowing you to build him up and put him in whatever pose you want.

Hogwarts Castle

Lego set Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle
Live out your Harry Potter dreams in the Hogwarts Lego set.

Sure, it’s not a Disney Lego set like the Disney Castle, but you can still embrace your love for Harry Potter with this beautiful Hogwarts Castle complete with over 6,000 pieces, over 30 figures, and multiple recognizable landscapes.

The Hogwarts Castle is one of the best Lego Sets for adults or children and is perfect for any Harry Potter fan or Hogwarts Legacy lover, especially since it contains some of the sets’ fantastic locations. It’s a larger set but one that makes a perfect present for any occasion. The Hogwarts Castle is one of the best Harry Potter sets you can buy.

Nintendo Entertainment System

NES Lego Set
Go vintage with the NES TV, controller, and console.

One of the best gaming Lego sets is undeniably the Nintendo Entertainment System. It’s ideal for any adults who grew up on the legendary NES or just gamers who need a little nostalgia.

The NES Lego set comes with the classic controller, game console, and even a TV that is handle-operated and can move Mario through the world.

Horizon: Tallneck

Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck lego set
Embrace the machine with Horizons Tallneck.

The Horizon: Tallneck is one of the newer releases and is extremely popular among gaming fans. This is one of the best gaming Lego sets to buy for both adults and children.

It’s a complicated build but looks amazing when completed and even comes with an adorable Aloy figure and the classic Watcher, which only serves to show how tall the Tallneck really is. It’s also not as expensive as some of the larger sets, making it an affordable Lego set.

Back to the Future Time Machine

Back to the Future time machine Lego Set
Build the famous time machine in three different ways.

Any fan of Back to the Future will adore this Lego car. It features the Back to the Future Time Machine from all three movies. Essentially, you can create this famous car to resemble each movie, allowing fans to display the Time Machine exactly how they want.

It’s one of the more affordable Lego sets and isn’t too complicated to build, making it an ideal gift for children or adults.


Colosseum Lego Set
Embrace History or Assassin’s Creed with one of the largest Lego sets ever.

While perhaps not too directly linked to a specific game or film, the Colosseum is a beautiful Lego set that’s perfect for any history buff, or Assassin’s Creed fan.

If you want to get hold of an impressively large set then the Colosseum is perfect. It’s larger than the Millenium Falcon and is much cheaper too, making it one of the best Lego Sets of all time.

Darth Vader Helmet

Darth Vader Helmet Lego set
Use the force to build one of the best Lego Star Wars sets in the galaxy.

There are so many Star Wars sets, from the Millenium Falcon to the AT-AT. But one of the best Star Wars Lego sets out there is the Darth Vader Hemet.

It’s affordable, stylish, and comes with a beautiful stand to display it on. Ultimately, the iconic Darth Vader Helmet is a fantastic gift to get any Star Wars fan, especially since this set works for both children and adults.

Minecraft Llama Village

Minecraft llama village lego set
Show off your favorite game with the Llama Village Lego set.

The Minecraft Llama Village Set is perfect for the creative gamer who loves the adorable Llamas from Minecraft.

It’s a fantastic Minecraft lego toy filled with color, adorable minifigures, and even tiny little Llamas for those minifigures. Perfect for any Minecraft lego fan whether they’re young or old.

Star Wars AT-AT

AT-AT Lego set
Build your favorite Star Wars construction with this amazing At-AT.

While perhaps one of the more expensive builds out there, this AT-AT is one of the best Lego Star Wars sets on the market, especially for adult builders or huge Star Wars fans.

It’s rather large but perfectly displays the movable AT-AT and is ideal for any fan of Star Wars or Lego in general due to its many pieces and rewarding build.

Lord of the Rings: Rivendell

Lego Rivendell Set Lord of the Rings
Embrace the Elven way with this beautiful Lego set.

Looking to step back into the beautiful Elven town of Rivendell one more time? Now, with this beautiful Rivendell build you can, and not only can you step back into this memorable location, but you can also build it and display it however you want.

This set is among some of the newer releases for 2023 and is also one of the more expensive builds out there, but one look at the expansive creation and you’ll completely understand why. It’s beautiful, a fantastic build, and is perfect for any Lord of the Rings fan.

Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet

Arcade Machine lego set
Create your own arcade machine with this fantastic Lego set.

Arcades are great, whether you grew up playing them in the 80s, love going to play them now, or just enjoy the look and feel of their controls and retro feed. However, full arcade machines are expensive, especially if you’re just looking to put one in your chosen room for aesthetics.

So, why not compromise and build your own, with the classic Pac-Man game as the star? Sure, you won’t get the digital version, but building your own cabinet with an adorably entertaining version of Pac-Man is hard to miss out on.

Those are all the Lego sets you should take a look at in 2023. If those toys aren’t what you’re looking for then take a look at some of our other gift guides to find the perfect present, no matter the occasion.

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